People - a mirror!


Every person is your own reflection! br>
This is your mirror in which you see and feel emotions, like seeing for yourself! In other people reflects all of our shortcomings, problems, desires and dreams! br>
When we feel anger at another person, we get angry with ourselves, but projected it outside! br>
the qualities that we attribute to the subject of our anger are in ourselves. We do not recognize or do not notice all sorts of ways trying to get rid of them. br>
Or things that we ourselves cannot attain (fame, wealth, love, success, etc.) and that our understanding will make us happy we Unichem in the other person. Blame those people who has enemies and all sorts of way in all that is the worst. br>
the Most effective antidote before the virus self-destruct is to help another person to solve his problems if we see them, and they us annoy. br>
Only, it must be true and sincere, as if you help yourself. So what actually is. You decide not the problem, you solve the projection to your problem in the other person. And the bonus help the other person become better and earn their respect and trust. br>
Just to get started is to stop talking and to condemn other people, because in their place are none other than you yourself!

If the action or inaction of a person or a situation in which the person is (in life, blog, article, news, comment) causes negative feelings do the following. br>
Ask yourself the question: how it is a problem for me personally? br>
follow the first that comes to mind, let's answer. br>
the new answer then again ask the question: what is for me is a problem? br>
And so on, until the list of answers are exhausted. br>
you will always find the answer in yourself. Which can and should be solved if you make the effort. br>
to change your life sometimes the lack of such consistent answers to questions, or diplomatic assistance to a person (which annoys you) to solve his problem. br>
You understand that the real problem is you. A person is a mirror reflection of you. Accordingly, it has a similar problem and helping him you thereby solve their own problem. br>
Example. br>
it annoys Me a different person. br>
As this is a problem for me? br>
He is stupid. br>
As this is a problem for me? br>
I live in a world of stupid people. br>
As this is a problem for me? br>
I do not find a place in it for themselves. br>
As this is a problem for me? br>
I am alone in this world. br>
As this is a problem for me? br>
I am alone, unhappy, and led others. br>
As this is a problem for me? br>
I can't be myself. br>
Here is the answer to the question, why are you annoying other people. You can't be yourself, are guided in life by other people's opinions and not accept what is. br>
the Lack of acceptance of the situation and not wanting to solve it projects into the psyche of the culprit to the outside. And be sure to find a man matching his own description of the problem, as you are not alone with such problem tasks. br>
You need to accept yourself, be yourself and help another person in it. Then the anger and irritation in such situations, you will no more defeat!

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