every man is a penguin. Generally, penguins are amazing creatures. They form stable pairs and together take care of their offspring - hatch the egg, feed the nestling. At the same time in a pair can only be one egg, which makes their work very responsible. To put it metaphorically - all their eggs are in one basket.

Yes, I started about people who look like penguins.... Any aspiring Creator begins with the awakening of the "inner penguin". I'm not sure that wakes up and penguin monogamy, but the obsession with your eggs creature wakes up (to know yourself).

Creative idea, as soon as from the depths of the penguin body writing consciousness, takes the form of a sacred Golden egg, on which rests the weight of expectations. The egg in no event it is impossible to break or scratch. It is necessary to sit because of the other eggs this year will not be.

the Egg scared to show someone (jinx, break, steal?). The egg must cherish, for it is the highest value. Us for it, maybe the Nobel prize for literature will give.

However, there comes a time when the eggs need to hatch one. This one, of course, also is going to need care, but will be independent and will ever go to live its own life in the ice fields of Antarctica.

Afteropening (or penguinator) so much worried about the fate of their offspring, simply can not allow the end of the "hatching ideas", and continues to wear between her legs when all timing out.

Sometimes, and drown the author with his egg as a poor pinvin named Penguin, which his stupid friend of Penguin switched the egg on a stone in a famous drama. If you don't remember the video at the end.

However, there is another strategy of authorship. It requires a bit of flexibility, courage and razdolbaystva. Many sea creatures in order to reproduce (and what continues the author, as not in his work?) thrown straight into the ocean myriads of eggs small fish eggs, and more not thinking about their destiny. What will survive - it will grow.

of Course, I do not encourage authors to verbal diarrhea or uncontrolled spawning (not all that we producyruet - there are valuable creative ideas). However, after going all the way from novice to disorderly afteropening laboatory, I can say that the second strategy often gives the best result.

Fearlessly throwing particles themselves in people tempers the soul and strengthens the hand of the author. If tossing frequently, honed skill, there is skill. Accumulates statistics of failures and written history of achievements.

in Itself, the completion of the act of creation requires some rituals (like going to the toilet, for example). And it is important that the skill "zavershenie" (and otherwise - of bringing the case to the end) were formed in a natural way. To learn how to finish and present, need to regularly complete and present. Not "as if complete and as if present." Neschitovo.

it Turns out that working on their creative muscles, the author needs to first evolve from a penguin in the fish, and then of brainless fish in person. Perhaps someone could repigmentize without becoming a fish, but it is a very advanced people. Maybe even great. No match for us.

This text was written out of thin air, without drafts, from today's fresh ideas. Maybe he's not the Golden egg Royal penguin, but not weightless egg brainless fish.

In the end, as I promised - a dramatic story directed by Vladimir Polkovnikova.

Olga Arkhipova
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