As told to Eric Berne "People are born princes and princesses, and their parents turn them into frogs."

I believe that there is a lot of truth.

For many, even at first glance, socially adapted and successful people in different fields, self-criticism, self-blame, self-flagellation, the mocking of themselves and the censure, it is absolutely natural process with which they live and from which life suffer, ruining their quality of life.

For some, it is the recognition of necessity, and for whom, after all, and no.
Tells the story) a Few years ago I worked in a private, psychiatric hospital of the closed type and we had a supervisor, a physician, who at the planning meeting, all the staff, talked about only one thing, I'd say in essence that we are all lazy, bad work, and that will soon take place of patients and that only through his mercy we all are here, and he's a great worker and the universal demiurge. And this swotting happened every day.

the highest category physicians, psychologists and other staff, all stood and nodded as I actually was then. Why)))???

the point is that, when we grow into adults, we also allow others to disrespect yourself. Due to an internal understanding of their sacred status, greater significance, competence, experience than we have, roughly speaking, that they no longer have something right, and we stand up, "smoke on the sidelines," we're not so necessary))).

Why we are in such a relationship, the victim and tyrant?

the Answer is very simple, because our low self-esteem, live in this triangle of Karpman, who somehow gets to us from parents.

And because of this, many feel that they live as if their lives, not knowing their interests, Hobbies, plans, goals, and can do nothing. Because everything that they do, is one and the same scenario of scarce “the Script Without joy".

What to do with it? Need to release this "codependent collar” and to develop their awareness, building healthy relationships based on love and freedom.

And you were in the relationship of the victim  & Tirana?


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