How often do you look in a mirror?
How many times a day you see your reflection? In mirrors, shop Windows, Windows machines, phone in the water....
Amazing, right? How much we need to reflect. To know how we look, how our clothes sits up on hair, isn't there something in your teeth...
Without mirrors it is difficult to understand what is my appearance, how my body is, what is my color, which emphasizes the charm of my figure, but that hides flaws, does my appearance to the event that I'm going, what is the condition of my skin, do I need to get a haircut, apply makeup.... And try to buy clothes without a mirror in the fitting room?!

an Incredible number of important things we do and are conscious through contemplation of your reflection.
It can influence our inner feeling and mood....
And if you imagine that "mirrors" there?
How do you know what I mean?
At this point I remember the phrase "the eyes are the mirror of the soul".
For me, the eyes of the other is also "the mirror".
the Other sees me.
I can be reflected.
He can tell me what I am now.

we often use this.
We believe what they say about us.
We are trying to impress others.
We often think "I how feel about me".

When we were born we have not been able to look in the mirror, we were unavailable to hear dozens of reviews and opinions about what we do.
And we really need to know, to understand it.
the World was looking at us with the eyes of the mother.
the First person we meet.
the First "mirror" in which we are reflected.
We love ourselves through the eyes of the mother.
From the way she looked at us, what feelings were experienced depended on our sense of self, experiencing itself. So
I formed our own value.
With her, we went out into the big world.
And continues to be reflected.
Learn about yourself something new.
to Change.
to Develop.
to Grow.
to Reflect other people.

But happens that we had no one to reflect.
And we long did not know "what I am".
Then wore everything, looking for what is fashionable, what they like most...
Only the emptiness inside...
But if we never "saw" we died.

And we could reflect with love only when we behave in a certain way, was "good", comfortable, there was "some".
And we have abandoned parts of ourselves to be loved. Hid the "bad" side of myself. And then believed only in the image that was reflected meaningful for adults.

When I think "the eyes are the mirror of the soul", I understand that Another could reflect me only because it is filled with what is in it and what it is. The mirror in which he watched once.
And it's valuable, because He can see me completely different.
I try it on themselves.
Sometimes wonder the opening and arrogate to themselves the part that was not seen.
Sometimes I realize that "it" is not mine, but others may see me like that and then it is important to clarify that the person saw me, and not their projections.

Another hour faced with the fact that my manifestation is not due to the current situation and a traumatic experience. And I have a chance to heal, to grow, to move on.

Reflecting we create each other.
In each meeting.
I am because You are.

the Therapist as a professional the Other, a mirror that can reflect in a safe manner, with the least amount of interpretations and additional meanings. That's why psychotherapy is always the knowledge itself.

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