People are like a plant - room and wild.     

“Room” are those very delicate, fragile, constantly in need of sunshine, warm. If they are not fertilized and properly not take care of them, they will wither and just wither. Yeah, I think that is exactly what feels most people. They just wither and fade without warmth and care ... without love.

Such people are very gentle and vulnerable -  “room” and therefore they are very easy to offend, because they are not used to the harsh reality that so often prevails outside the window, somewhere out there in the real world. They live in your house and don't want to change, they are satisfied.

And there are people as “wild” plants. They are accustomed to live in freedom, to grow where they want. They reach for the sun, but don't expect someone to fertilize and water. They know that in this life we need to achieve ourselves and so break and penetrate through all the thorns on your way to the stars ... they win their place under the sun and don't expect any help from anyone. Such plants are sometimes spiky, but that's only because they are not used that someone can take care of them and care for them.

But they don't have enough of this tenderness, care and love. Lacks the love and care that you get the "room" plants. A "room" plants at the same time lacks the perseverance to fight for their place under the sun, present in the "wild" plants. 

They just don't always have the faith in yourself to finally decide to leave your house - its “comfort zone” to get out of it and with a thirst to explore the world. They are afraid, however, as "wild" afraid that they are just permanently closed in four walls and turn it into a fully "room".

So good to be able to combine perseverance and "wildness" one plant with the ability sometimes to be gentle and "room", as do other plants. And here then all will be well.

And what type of plants would you include yourself? Or maybe you are the one. the type that is capable of combining as "savagery" and "komnatnoi"...?


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sincerely, your psychologist Victoria Kirsta supervised over

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