People play games


People play games. Satisfied with the performances of one actor, inviting the audience and invited on stage to participate.
Playing in desperate Housewives, great connoisseurs of the enlightenment, "everyone knows human design," Jesus Christ with one or two replicas, all three acts of the play (weak direction), love the game "I-not I, not my cow" and "the fool", "I'm always right", "it", "I was offended", "waiting for a Prince", "Bush" varieties "I'm great and awesome" and so on, so forth. E. Bern resting).

All games have one sole purpose - to protect the injured area, where there was a splitting of the psyche and to prevent recurrence. So the storyline to fixate and the person begins to scroll through the same scenario, thinking-feeling and behavior, protecting yourself from past pain. The variability and mobility of the reactions are significantly lacking, they become automatic and fixated. The game is not fun and ease, not the person playing the game, but rather, the game plays a man.

that is only his play, almost impossible to contact them. It takes you only a character in his game, nothing more, he does not see. Moreover, persistently engages to play along and even lead the struggle with you within your story.

In the games is nothing wrong, this kind of living and experience. The only, but significant drawback is that this is not a team game, and created the false ego, which is known - separates itself from the whole of the living world. Such a person firmly closed box of his mind and leave him there until he's done - prematurely. Until he learns the storyline, not live drama of the frequency of occurrence of direction won't learn the lessons that he carries his script and yet does not want, finally, to change the record, seeing that the game was created by him.

Only then will he be able to go through the mirror into the light the real world, mastoidectomies with his initial karmic role and having freedom of movement on the field next levels.

Some call the liberation of enlightenment. But it's just the freedom to be yourself. Which is given to EVERYONE by right of birth. But which is the way of observation, acceptance and awareness.

Enrolling in personal therapy, you give yourself a chance to see their games and out of them.
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Maria Zamaldinova

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