Often parents are faced with the fact that their children are different in character, style of communication and activities. It would seem that the same parents, the same approach to parenting, I try to give all the children all the same and they are different. And then the parents have the question "Why?". The answer to this question lies in the birth order, patterns of relationship-building between children.

In this article I will try to describe characteristics of children of senior, middle, youngest and only.

Older children – what do parents parents. As a rule, young parents with no experience on older children and learn and test many of the innovations for the care of a child and his upbringing.

as they grow up the parents to the older child appear high demands and expectations. It should be noted that such children are endowed with high responsibility. Attitudes of parents to the oldest child, as well as appearing in some point, Jr., form his character, which is expressed in the following terms: determination, responsibility, ambition, diligence, leadership and organizational skills.

At first glance, many of the older children in the family appear outwardly confident, but may suffer from low self-esteem. Older children hard defeats, therefore it is difficult to compete. So they are anxious and careful for younger children.

Middle child, as a rule, not enough attention of parents, and then he tries by all means to bring him in, choosing a class to stand out and be noticed. Good competitive and very creative children.

Middle child gets an interesting experience to be and younger, and then older, in this regard, it is more social, flexible in a relationship, knows how to approach people.

the Desire to attract attention in adolescence can bring parents a lot of problems.

Younger children bold, avanturine, looking forward, more fun, easier to communicate, flexible and enjoy the love from their peers. They focus on cooperation and relationship. However, they have reduced volitional qualities, they can start a business and quit without completing it to the end.

younger children are in a situation of losing competition against the senior.

Only child in the family can be very difficult due to increasing demands and expectations of parents to him.

Only children have a responsible, organized, punctual, but they have no experience of struggle, they find it difficult in a situation of competition, they can't fight back the abuser, and it is difficult something to share.

As a rule, they have observed a decrease in the development of social skills, but they are ahead in the area of intellectual ability.

Thus, the behaviors and character traits are formed not only under influence of child rearing by parents, but also under the influence of existing relationships with brothers and sisters.

Bazilevskaya Anna
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