Personal development - fashionable or useful?


❕ life is a development, without process changes, updates, improvements, increase, awareness it's impossible to feel holistically.

⏩personal development - it is now fashionable concept. Sometimes this topic is raised in a cult - whether multilateral, horizons expand, learn and raise the bar, equal to the leaders, learn and memorize the most information, become a universal...
❔ But whether always it is useful to spend time and effort on self-development? That's the direction You go? How do You like what You're doing? Do not drive if You find yourself in a social framework?

➡ Practical experience and observations have shown that everything is good in moderation!

❕ Development is certainly important for any Human being and worthy of respect, but do it for your comfort, and harmony, and not in order to be perfect in the eyes of others! Engage in self-development first and foremost for yourself and your true goals/desires. Formulate for himself a real and sincere plans. Plans and goals You believe in. Which from the heart and soul.

❕ Which is useful for self-development?
* honesty with oneself and self-esteem - Who am I? What can I do? At what stage of Life/Career I am? What I really want? Be as open and honest with yourself in answering these questions.
* Your inner circle and social circle. Who is with You now? What You inspire those people? The quality of Your communication with loved ones? What You are talking/dreaming/thinking? What value do You bring together?
* New knowledge give you confidence. What do You learn? How? Where? Who? What sources do you use? How much information is processed? Why do You need these knowledge and skills? 

❕ And remember the rule "small steps". Develop gradually. Step-by-step. The main point of reference Your feelings when you perform a particular action for self-development. Always listen to yourself!

⏩ Self-development - individual and even in some "intimate" theme, each with its own plan and process.

❕ I'm glad to be useful in Career and self-development ➡ invited to an individual consultation where we thoroughly and sensitively analyze important questions for You.


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