I Want to write, why after several years of personal therapy and the subsequent break I'm glad it continues. It would seem that there are issues that lead to therapy, solve them and finish the therapy. Indeed, local problems can often be solved for a limited number of sessions. But it's not the most interesting, that can offer the therapy!

Growing up in a family environment, the culture we acquire certain patterns of behavior. Then they become automatic and we don't pay attention to them. But they determine how we interact with others, make decisions, choose a job, our level of health, income and achievement in life. As to whether or not his own life something to ourselves or we just performed “program”, which was chosen, not choosing. My life became more interesting when I began to choose myself. And there are still open when I realize that you need to rethink something else, a sort of stage to new levels.

When we learn to feel, to connect it with our experience, knowledge, then there is a more robust platform in order to make a choice. This is not the same choice on the basis of dry abstract thinking. And not the same choices based on unpredictable “wanted” or “something found”. This is a new more informed way based on their emotions, while exploring their understanding that for them. Balance emotional and intellectual. Such a skill requires training, but significantly enhances the quality of life.

Quality of life - this level of health and fulfillment, and relationships with others. When I feel that it is important for me and at the same time pay attention to the needs of others, it gives a lot of opportunities. It is possible to deepen personal relationships, making them more happy, interesting and resource for all participants. You can better understand colleagues, communicate with leadership more effectively lead employees. In negotiations with partners, that developed emotional intelligence allows you to build relationships and find business solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

For me, there is another important aspect of therapy: prevention. You can be very conscious, but the mind is so constituted that some of the behavior and the situation can not be realized independently and even people with the skills of introspection, getting in the “zone of invisibility”. The result - the displacement of the chronic problems that do not disappear and have a negative impact on life. Even the mind will be constantly wasting energy that they displace. And it reduces the overall level of energy that could be used in more pleasant and useful purposes. Therapy for me is guarantee that I will review some signals about my life and time to take action. I think it's important to go beyond the usual "save the situation, when my Kingdom was burned" and dedicate attention to the prevention of problems: it is easier and requires less resources .

sometimes it happens that I want to change something, but I can't. Through personal therapy can be understood that way and to get the ball rolling. For example, to go to school, change jobs, start a new business, divorce, getting married, having children or finally afford a hobby just for fun, not for results. Therapy is also about how to make each day more enjoyable.

In General, I am happy that now I take care of myself and go to therapy. Even when all is well, I want to make it even better! Why stop there when you can afford to want more?

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Zizevskikh Catherine
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