Personality-oriented psychotherapy - the essence


Want to devote a few articles, one of my favorite methods of psychotherapy, personality-oriented reconstructive psychotherapy. Which was designed on the basis of our St. Petersburg psychoneurological Institute named after V. M. Bekhterev. Including psychologists and psychotherapists, as Karvasarsky, Isurina, Tashlykov.

I will Not go into the history of the creation of this method, and will tell you in General that the prerequisites of it are, in a psychodynamic direction.

This method at the moment is scientifically defensible, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy. Begin the simple things that are necessary for understanding this method.

the Central and the main target of personality-oriented psychotherapy is the intrapersonal conflict.

This intrapersonal conflict occurs in humans during the experience of severe stress in childhood. As a result there is a definite braking or blocking any important areas of relations.

it is important to understand that this intrapsychic conflict that occurs typically in the early stages of child development.

Therefore, as a result, the person formed unfulfilled need in any particularly meaningful relationships.

And then the child from that moment begins the development of the deficit, which manifests itself in his later life that he begins to avoid this, what he met in his childhood.

And it turns out that people, like, stops their emotional development, not overcoming their age-related stages.

If, for example, he tortured and punished in childhood for expressing independence and initiative, or simply encouraged and not stimulated, then the relations associated with independence, as if is blocked or remains in an underdeveloped state.

And the man will continue to build your life script and to make choices only in those areas of relationship that don't need to be enterprising and independent, he will avoid them, etc. The analogy is clear I hope)?

for Example, a student appointed by the head of the class, and he instead of joy. begins to feel fear, anxiety, and some not quite adequate or productive actions and decisions.

Thus, intrapersonal conflict, does not allow a person to adapt or make it vulnerable in those areas and the areas it captures.

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