being a good mother is a high calling, a wonderful goal. The best mothers are women who applied for help and received what they were not given as a child...

our Whole life is theater and we are the actors...

Actors as long as wear masks and deceive ourselves.

the mental health of parents affects the health of the future baby.

an Interesting fact that almost all concerned about the physical condition, but do not pay attention to mental health.

I believe that the mental health of parents is the basis of formation of a healthy Personality of the baby in General.

the Problem is that we are not aware of their personal difficulties. Then why so much violence in our world?

One of the main problems affecting the education of children is inadequate self-esteem of the parents (high or low).

If the parent has low self-esteem, he will be insecure, doubting, hesitant and timid. All these signals of uncertainty, he will unconsciously transmit to your baby, as well as in words and their actions will be broadcast to the child that it is not all right, i.e. "bequeath" their uncertainty. The child in this case grows up introverted, insecure in their abilities and capabilities, suffers from depression and is afraid to do.

If the parent of high self-esteem that is often confused with confidence, he is arrogant, selfish, not taking into account the interests of others, do not recognize anyone but himself, a selfish narcissist.With the parent the child will be very difficult, because in any case it will be the fault of the child. As a result, it can grow either in the same arrogant, or "pocketed".

Read about self esteem in a separate section. br>
In this section I will try to uncover some behaviors of parents which may lead to the development of mental problems in children. Of course, a crucial role is played by the presence of these problems in the mother, as it is for the baby – the whole world.

1. "Ghost parents". br>
most Often give birth to children not of desire, but because "so accepted." Busy with their own interests (career, job, hobby or just doing nothing), and the child – an Annex to the status, role. The child is formally, at the level of "fed – shod – dressed." Often dissatisfied with the child, consider him a burden. Even being in the company of my child, drift away in your fantasies.

do Not established an emotional connection.

the Child gets no response to his appeals. He feels alone, abandoned, scared.

This type of behavior of parents leads to that the child grows up insecure man can not build a close relationship, because in his experience it was not experiencing difficulty in establishing contact, afraid of change, often depressed, sometimes depressed, sometimes aggressive.

it would be difficult to create close relationships, to build a strong family.

2. "Parents, guardians". br>
This type plays the role of "a very caring and loving parent." Unlike the first type, it is so hard watching our every move and prevent any failures the child that the child does not understand what his personal role in this world.

this parent a deep sense of guilt and with the "illusions of care" for his child, he tries to remove anxiety.

Unwanted zalskiene, gratification, kowtowing to the child, the immediate satisfaction of all his needs, fencing from difficulties leads to the fact that the kid has formed an unhealthy ego: he accustomed to consider that he does owe everyone in this world must do something, considers himself above others, grows helpless and looking for those who will be doing what I'm supposed to do it.

Growing up, the child remains immature personality, fixated on themselves and meeting their own needs by proxy. Dissatisfied with himself and others, and deep down unhappy because it is helpless.

3. "Parent controller".

This type is similar to the "guardian" with the difference that the "mother controller" can not be happy with my child. She thinks he can't do anything by yourself, constantly corrects his every action, scolding for mistakes, criticized. These moms are often rude, they may beat their children, scream.

the Child feel trapped in a cage, it suffocates from the total control and knows how to please a Mama.

Inside it there's an increasing sense of anger, but he can't Express his feelings – MAMA WILL SCOLD! He begins to suppress them in himself, thus becoming more alienated and aggressive. Inside it unconsciously develop a sense that he is nothing in this world... Imagine what it's like to live with a child with such a feeling?

Growing up, these children become very aggressive, angry. They get themselves into trouble, become criminals. Accordingly behave in their families and with their children.

In all described cases, there is no healthy emotional ties between mother and child, which is a fundamental principle of the laying of the mental health of the individual. The second goal of parenting is to prepare child for independent living, the development of individuality.

a Child who has not received warmth and not having the experience of independence, becoming for adults, feels unloved, rejected, unwanted, insecure in their abilities, and within it the void..

the Void is often filled by alcohol, drugs, sex, creating imaginary the fun for a few moments, after which it remains only disappointment.

With parents of adult children or a formal relationship, or conflict, or such children generally try to sever relations with parents, and not to feel alienated.

Another quality that unites these adults is DISBELIEF. To yourself, the world, other people.

These children are just not respected adults. And there are millions. But the child's Personality. He's just as worthy of respect as any adult of people.

Violation of personal boundaries of the child the relation to it as to ownership, the lack of warmth and understanding from close relatives are the causes of future mental disorders personality.

I'm sure You don't want Your kids grew up so miserable adults. To do this, now think and decide: what can I do today to avoid it tomorrow? Allowing their own personal problems, You'll have a much better chance to grow a HEALTHY baby!

moreover, Motherhood will become your best experience in life, and its fruit You will get to a ripe old age, to the last hour.

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