Pets Life.

Sometimes spend a lot of time on some things that someone does not support you... And I think, well, why should I? And then comes the simple answer: just do, then you need to. After all, my business, my actions, my behavior and makes me the person that I am.
With me it is necessary to speak openly and honestly. Hate lies. Know what it is to cheat. Choose the truth. Otherwise, it's like living in Potemkin villages. The terms of some facades. And that for them... In a Sunny clear day facades without a doubt will stand. And what will happen in the rain, in a hurricane? Life because she doesn't like summer...
I love life and the moment when it end, I want to know what made all that possible.
the Most important thing for me in this life — vision and awareness, the answer to the question – Why do I live?
The worst thing in this life, when the meaning is lost. When I don't understand why Wake up in the morning, why you go somewhere, why talk, breathe...
I know what it is, and live in order to help people to cope with it. I put in it all their knowledge and all their ten years of experience in practical psychology.
to Regain himself. Recover the lost a connection with themselves, their path, their soul, their essence. All that was exchanged in detail, on short-term success on another thing or a certain amount of money. In all that time erases dust, which as water runs through his fingers, leaving pain, frustration, resentment.
All accidents are not accidental. Any experience is the key to awareness and a tool to change the world around you. Our experience is the only thing we truly have, no matter how bitter it was. That's what makes us stronger. This is the fulcrum through which you can turn the whole world. You just need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. And start doing something different. For as long as you do what you did yesterday, you get yesterday's results. And let the world is limited to only several people, your family, friends, or work colleagues. But even this world consists of one single person – you. If you have — should start. To begin to answer the questions that are not easy to find answers:
Who me?
Why am I here?
what do I live For?
who am I living For?
I ask myself these questions when I do not particularly just in this life, in those moments when I come face to face with challenges when demons begin to whisper in your ear all sorts of things that doesn't work, than well, nothing to start that a lot of these smart and willing... And I know the answers. I repeat them like a mantra, like a promise to herself. I know that the right of first access to my soul, not them – me! And I decide to fill my dark soul with doubt, or light. I make the choice. It always gives strength for a new breath, a new step.
live. This and teach others.
I was very pleased with and inspire success in the lives of the people, my family, my students, smiles on their faces, their true purpose and meaning. There is no greater pleasure than to see happy people and know that this is part of me. This is my sense. I like a challenge. They inspire me. A special pleasure is to solve this task, which initially did not even know which side to approach this challenge, which nobody could solve.
it's important For me to inspire. That anyone could believe in their own strength, could find access to all necessary resources and to challenge myself or to the whole world, saying: NO MATTER WHERE I am, AND WHO I am NOW – BUT I KNOW THAT I CAN.
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