Philosophical tales for the night


How to combine the pleasant with the useful?

Combined, the key technique of self-development — recapitulation life with... bedtime stories for my daughter. Choose a cluster of memories, for example, "savvy and failures in the examinations in the life of the Pope" and hooked on the ears of her daughter. She loves these stories and grilling my memories packs.

When I've run out of stories, begin to talk on philosophical topics, the child fell asleep quickly. Butt my question: "Where were you when you were gone?", she wants to answer the question: "what is everything made Of?". And once the answers to our questions crossed.

We began to discuss cosmic philosophy of Tsiolkovsky (daughter is 7 years old, it's time). Tell the child that in mathematics, the spirit is atoms. They roam the infinite universe, changing the structure of their carriers. In us, there are atoms that were in stars have survived their collapse, made it to Earth, and now they're us. After death, the atoms will continue its journey through the universe... Daughter enthusiastically listening and not falling asleep. Switch over to the DNA and cloning.

says that if the daughter will go and collect DNA samples from the grandparents, will be able in the future to grow them. They are small, and it's big! You and dad and mom have from DNA to deploy. Such technologies will in the future!

what my daughter says: "Daddy, don't you know that there is no future and the past? There is only one large today. There is no yesterday and tomorrow, it's all because the Earth rotates. In fact, there is a one big day."

Then I thought. Where did the daughter think that? Probably told her before about this topic, but he didn't come up with the idea that no yesterday and no tomorrow on the physical plane (!!!).

the Concept: "yesterday, today, tomorrow" due to the fact that we live on a planet that rotates on its axis and moves around the same sun. The transition from today to tomorrow is the revolution of the Earth. One can imagine planets on which there is a perpetual day (!!!), there is no change of day and night, therefore, there will be concepts: yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Our understanding of time is conditioned by the life on the spinning ball, flying around another ball. These initial conditions are programmed in our psyche, the structure of the brain. We need sleep, when the night comes.

We put off until tomorrow what you can do today. The people in the hope of a bright tomorrow, which, in fact, represents the movement of the ball around its axis!!! What will change in your life through a thousand revolutions?

If the movement in the future, that's daily work on themselves. You're cheating yourself and your life changes.

Here will tell their daughter the night of a philosophical tale, she won prigruzit ideas. ;)

Vladimir Nikonov
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