Today I will tell you how easy to clean from attacks of panic attacks, we will discuss the mechanisms of its occurrence, causes, and, of course, about the methods what you can do to stop test is an unpleasant state.

In fact, PA is bodily symptoms (rapid heartbeat and breathing, sweating, dizziness, high blood pressure, shortness of breath and others), which are accompanied by strong emotion fear.

Typically, moving a similar condition, people turn to doctors: a cardiologist, a neurologist. And rightly so, because before to make sure you have PA, you need to exclude organic pathology. Therefore, first consult your physician (General practitioner), and he will prescribe examination: heart, adrenals, thyroid, brain. If no problems are found, then you have a regular PA. Good news for you is that PA nobody dies. Yes, they are unpleasant, but the second good news is that they are rid once and for all, and psychological methods.

even if you try to treat the PA with the help of medication (ataractics, tranquilizers or antidepressants), anyway, they will only temporarily relieve the symptom but to remove the cause you will still have together with the psychologist.

But, what causes PA's?

This can be a protracted stress (at work or at home), which activates the characteristic symptoms of the body.

It can be suppressed emotions, which people year after year makes it impossible to exit.

And may be intrapersonal conflicts, when one part of the personality wants something opposite than the other, for example, a person wants to be independent, but afraid of responsibility.

Having one of these causes, the brain believes that it is in danger, and activates the instinctive reaction of salvation in the form of increased feelings of fear and alerting the necessary authorities, begins to send blood to the muscles, ventilate the lungs, and so on. But the real biological threats this time around, no, because the reason is internal.

But an ordinary person, reading the medical literature, it is very easy concludes that with him now something awful (stroke, heart attack, or something like that). And people are afraid not only of death, but that faint or will no longer control myself, or that others will see this condition, and will be treated negatively.

And the man falls into a vicious circle: first, he feels a small symptom, thinks he's dangerous, and starts to feel fear. The feeling of fear increases the bodily symptoms, which are even more scared man. And so he winds up to panic.

all These mechanisms it is important to understand, but you ask, and what to do, how to cope up with this condition?

First it is important to deal with estimates his fortune. And we have in this partially helped the doctors to whom you went, and who confirmed that in reality there is nothing to fear. Then after that, it is important to analyze each symptom and to analyze how you interpret it. How do you base your hypothesis that this is a deadly symptoms?

But only understanding is not enough. Even when you will clearly understand that there is no threat, still the attacks will appear. It is one thing to be convinced of the security of our consciousness, and quite another thing to explain this to our automated system in the body.

And then the second step we will accustom the body to new experiences in different ways. The essence of these methods is the following: what you previously feared, now there you go, in order to make sure how dangerous it really is. For example, if you feel the familiar symptoms, you should not try to get rid of them or to be distracted. On the contrary, try to observe them in your body, and maybe even to try to strengthen, or if symptoms are not present, especially to cause them to visually prove to your body that nothing worse will happen.

in fact, it is your own body, your own mind is creating it all. So, you do this condition cause. So it is for something you need. For something good, of course. Maybe for statement of accumulated emotions may be for feeling that you are alive, or to understand that not everything in life lends itself to your control, etc. It can be understood only by you.

Well, of course, you need to work out the original cause (stress, accumulated emotions, intrapersonal conflict). After all, if these problems will remain unsolved, that energy will once again try to escape such unpleasant for you.

in the meantime, let's summarize:

- the PA is only the bodily symptoms accompanied by fear

- to begin to practice psychological methods to help get care with for diseases (heart, adrenals, thyroid, brain)

- If the body is healthy, start with analysis of their thoughts: what grades do you attribute their bodily symptoms and on what are they based?

Second step, accustom the body to new experiences, that nothing dangerous is happening. It does not run away from the symptoms and what you're afraid of and go there and make sure with your own eyes that it's safe

And finally, work with a psychologist causes your PA (stress, unexpressed emotions and intrapersonal conflicts)

- by the Way, a psychologist can do it in parallel, helping you to get rid of PA so that you will save time, and become a happier person a lot sooner)))

also on this subject, see my video:

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Alexander Petukhov
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