once in a past life my typical day began with a chronic lack of sleep. I was always put off important things and it was fine. It seemed to me that I must do. Of course, I missed almost nothing and spend energy only to simulate rough activity. This too was commonplace.
in the afternoon, I barely got home through the power of doing chores, and even then not always.
the Evening passed in the company of my two best friends-the couch and TV.
of Course, somewhere wedged meeting friends, Dating, but if you look back, the overall picture before marriage was such.
Recognize yourself in my story?
Then let's deal!

Perhaps you have thoughts pulsing question "what does the body? We're here talking about psychology."

And there are several reasons.

One of them, and most important:

🔹Our body is a kind of antenna.
That radiates into space some vibration and non-verbal signals. These radiation responsive our environment and the world around.
Agree that every person that you meet, it causes a certain reaction. From someone do not want to leave, and someone wants to run.
So, when your body is filled with energy, when it is healthy, the so-called signal becomes more positive. You reach not only people, but pleasant situations in which you are "accidentally".
And Vice versa.

so, the main task is to fill yourself with energy. At the level of the physical body.
there are a number of ways.
Here are some of them:
internal🎯 Perfectly up the tone and remove the clips any physical activity.
If you do not know where to start - just jump on the spot.
🎯 If you have a sweet tooth, reduce your consumption of sugar. Sugar excessive consumption just eats up your energy a ton. Sugar I mean all sweets: candy, pies, cakes, etc.
🎯 Well, if you care about health. As a minimum, periodic tests and examinations to be sure that everything is in order.🎯 Daily rest must be.

There are many ways to quickly relax.

I love to use for rapid revitalization of energy images-symbols. For example, when I need to recover quickly or to cheer up, I close my eyes and within a minute or two imagine yourself in spring, when nature comes alive after spring or a Sunny morning.

In my piggy Bank more than 100 basic images that help not only to cope with some condition, but have a healing effect.

Maybe now you think you can't, and so you have no power - what is physical activity.

But just close your eyes and imagine the spring, you just might. Perhaps you still believe that sweet mood and better the brain works, and really can't give up sweets for a number of reasons.

Remember that the longest journey always starts with the first step.

Elena Vladimirova
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