Physiognomy. That for an animal such?


At the dawn of his youth, so to speak, I'm very interested in the ability to read other people's faces. I studied, or even thought of fantasizing on the subject of conformity to appearance my friends, acquaintances to their nature, temperament and behavior.

Then he began to read special literature, to look at unfamiliar people around me, so I got to work I. V. Sikorsky "universal psychology and physiognomy". And perhaps even this simple initial interest to people (plus, of course, for other reasons!) was one of the motivations to study psychology at a professional level.

what is this mysterious animal?

anthropology is a science about the origin and evolution of man. Psychology is "the science of the soul", the study of the origin and functioning of the psyche. That combines anthropology and psychology?

the Term "anthropology" was introduced by Greek philosopher Aristotle. He is the first and suggested the doctrine of the study of the soul in connection with the body. The soul he defined not just as an entity, and as a form, as a way of organizing the living body.

Physical anthropology is a branch of natural science. Man as the representative species is considered by many Sciences. And anthropology and psychology. And there is also a fundamental branch of science called anthropological psychology.

This is a relatively young science, its final design in an industry, belongs to the second half of the 20th century.

have You heard about the Swedish doctor and naturalist, about the "great botany" Carla Linnea? The same one who first divided the plants by sex. Well, it's about the birds and the bees))

So this great Swedish scientist created the first scientific classification of races. He proceeded in this classification principles of taxonomy, justifying the nature of each person based on the Trinity of the mental manifestations, physical signs and moral values.

At the end of the 19th century anthropology and psychology exist as if in different planes do not intersect, were parallel to each other. Anthropologists have done their job – "was engaged in the measurement of skulls", and psychologists engaged in his arguments about the nature of the human soul, its capabilities.

And it is likely that these two Sciences for a long time could not be crossed, if not for innovative scientific work of the Russian psychiatrist, essayist Ivan Alekseevich Sikorsky. He was one of the first to explore the relationship and to develop a systematic picture of the psychology of various nationalities based on their inherited racial biological differences.

In their research I. A. Sikorsky has combined anthropology and psychology.

the Study of physiognomy - amazing exciting journey into the world of recognition of the nature and inclinations of a person by their appearance!

it is Possible to speculate, to think, to explore the faces and postures.

why do you think that it is so named painting by the artist Baksheev "Losers"?

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