parents Often complain how difficult it is to calm the excited, rambunctious kids. Indeed, children excitable, impulsive, easily involved in the movement: run, jump, shout, laugh, but it is very difficult to "inhibited". It is especially difficult to calm down in the evening before bedtime or when mom/dad come home from work. you
Propose for such cases, several exercises that will help children to calm down and come into balance.
these games can be played with children from 2 to 9-10 years.

Exercise "Star"

My most favorite exercise.
Baby get on the floor/ carpet, arms outstretched and legs apart. Say to him: "You're turning into a starfish! Star slowly rocking on the waves, its rays (handles, feet) is not movable (no move). For kids – counting from 10 to 100. For older – note the time.

Exercise the "Third eye"

the Child lie on the floor, arms along the body, palms up. Eyes preferably closed. With kids it often fails, so they can lie with their eyes open. Put him on the forehead a small object: a stone, a piece of glass or crystal. Tell him the following words: "This is your third eyes) He's magical, he gives you power. Helps to be focused, calm. Breathe quietly and deeply. Let his magic power is slowly released into your body and fills all of you from the top of the hair to the fingertips. Feel what he is". And help the child to create a mental image of the third eye: what color is it, warm or cold, heavy or light, soft or hard, fuzzy or spiny, transparent, etc.
If a child can not lie, ask him to start taking different positions, not dropping a stone and not stopping to feel it. You can try to lift up one leg, raise arms and legs to make hands or feet scissors to make a "birch", polymastic, throw your feet behind your head.

Exercise "Stop and listen"

For this game you will need a bell with a melodious bell, and the app for phones with different sounds. The child can move freely around the room. The main thing is not to run, and to go. As soon as the child hears the sound of the bell, he should fall to the carpet, to stand still, close your eyes. And You include a recording of any sound: the sound of rain, murmur of a brook or the humming of the vacuum cleaner. The child sitting there and then Your teammate opens his eyes and calls the sound source. With younger children you first need to get acquainted with the sounds to hear them.

Then the game continues again.

Exercise "Pebble"

Put quiet, relaxing music. Let Your little one rest in Child's pose: knees under him, relaxed arms stretched along the body to the feet or head are pf, as someone comfortable. You sit next to, touching his back with her fingertips, stroking, tapping and tell the tale of the stone

"there was a pebble. He was down by the river. The sun warmed him and the wind cooled. Sometimes birds flew and walked on it. Sometimes crawling snakes and lizards and lay on the rock, warming their yellow bellies. Sometimes a bear come in and sat on the rock and watched the fish splashing in the water. But the stone was bored to lie. On dreamed of being a girl/boy. To run and jump. And then one day went mushroom rain. Mushroom rain is unusual rain. When he goes, everything grows and comes alive." Then You lightly tickle baby, toddler, sooner or later rises. "Here's our pebble turned into a girl (boy)..." And name ребенкf.

Variations of fairy tales set. As guided fantasy and imagination.

a Wonderful exercise. Works with children up to 8-9 years.

Apparatov Marina
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