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Recently upset. Decided I fell out of reality and sit in a rose-colored glasses: the war goes on, the economy is in crisis, and I'm happy, develop. This information category «life is pain» I found on the forum among the requests for the free psychological help!

Then I began to analyze, establishing contact with the Unconscious. Found this: points I have, I have a bucket of pale pink paint and a roller. Every day, every morning I paint your world pink cushion. If something is not painted, then leave. For example, changed Belgorod to Sochi, and that no paint will not be enough.

there was a time when my world was painted in gray tones. And now sometimes turn gray if not painted for a long time. But I do always have a choice! I choose to paint. My world is my responsibility!

How do I get this pink bucket? And that helped me to realize that there are buckets of paint?

  • NLP psychology;
  • Video Ada Condé;
  • Year of raw food diet;
  • transfer to Kharkiv;
  • my Relationship with my husband and our preparations for the Wedding;
  • Books of Julia Cameron (4 courses of 3 months);
  • Jogging, sports;
  • Isolation from TV, news and negative people;
  • up at dawn (about 4 years I was up at 5-7 am).

And cushions is all what I already wrote: my pleasant daily routine (inspirational books/videos, favorite rituals, like coffee in the morning).

So, really, we each have our own reality, despite the fact that we all live in the same country/on the same planet! someone's reality consists of depressing video about the injustices of the articles that all the food is poison, and the makeup is hell of sad friends, grey city, the constant betrayals. And someone's reality consists of favorite Affairs, self-realization, energetic friends and enjoying every day. it is Important to remember that the color of the paint bucket and roller CHOOSE ONLY YOU! Nor parents, nor husband, nor the state.

If you get to talk to depressive people, it immediately becomes clear that they in any way win their right to despair. And just try to hint at buckets of bright colors.

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