...and here you are doing already 5 Cup of coffee this morning, after another conversation last set themselves an ultimatum: sit down and finish what I have to do. But it turned up under the arm tape from social networks... you are trying a little "distracted", "rest". Then you get yourself together, I order myself a strictly "suck it up!" and even open already where to write....but the eyes are closed, no strength, you are already tired, fizzled out, failing even before the lunch break. Night crawling home on automatic fill up food in your mouth, don't notice its taste, fall into bed and half the night unable to sleep due to the wild strain. And again in the morning to get up early.

This article is for those who recognize yourself in this character even remotely. If you tilt in the direction of procrastination and laziness (which are so often disguised as righteous fatigue), we get that the nervous exhaustion, which will be discussed in this article. Notice that I deliberately bypass the term "chronic fatigue", because recent research has revealed some factors and causes at the genetic level, there is a slightly different story now. I'm going to talk about what you can do on their own, "homemade" methods.

Tired – take a rest

overall, this is the crux of the problem. The article can be complete. Yes, it is that simple – if the person feels fatigue, if the thought about it comes at least a few times a week, if you can't wait for the weekend, it seems, people need to relax. Quality, good, tasteful, so even more tired. So the first thing required is not to ignore, not to wave, "Oh, will, how long can you dawdle?", but to take rest.

what power?

this question can be answered by any person if a closer look to his life. But here, many believe that if you do not swing a shovel all day, tired and no reason. This is not so.

There are 3 kinds of fatigue: physical, emotional, mental. There is also spiritual, but it will not be considered. So, if you all day sitting in the office and just talking to different people (e.g., operator call center), not the fact that by the end of the day you must be tired less, than the Builder or loader. Communication generally takes great strength, both emotional and mental. And if you have some problems to solve, communicate with unhappy clients... Well, then you desperately and immediately needed rest. In this paragraph, a person finds many things which he would not have to do that when he has taken on someone else's responsibility and obligations, fanatically when given something, peregory when committing a lot of empty and unnecessary movements during the day and so on. Optimization, realization and correction of life scenario – that address these issues.

Count your resources

so, where the power goes, let's say we do. And if there is enough power? What and how you fill? Qualitatively whether the rest? What are the sources of your strength? Under source, I mean everything that we are inspired, encouraged, brings smiles, good mood and happiness. So, think about it and percolate on paper – how many of these things in your life? And how often? Please note that allows you feel fresher and fitter, and do it often. Put it directly in their task, and allocate that free time in your life! You know what time it is lacking, you know, that day and so not rubber. But usually the time is, and desire, and motivation to change something in your life, when a person is in a hospital bed with a heart attack or something extremely unpleasant. And the saddest thing that brought that to this bed, he's himself, not allowing himself to breathe, to live, relax. Do not drive to extremes, please, fatigue alludes to the prevention of such a sad end. Do everything on time and you will be happy! And always look for new sources of energy and inspiration.

Alternate types of activities

If the working day in the office very little was moving, but it was a lot of mental and emotional work, the best way to relax can be exercise. Yes, sometimes even a slight tidying up the music at home after work can cheer up. Of course, this is only the case if the associative level cleaning is not terribly unpleasant activity for you, and terribly hard job, which need to mentally prepare all week. All of us in childhood instilled a passionate "love" for cleaning, when the amount laid out on the shelves things admirals praise and acceptance...and a number of scattered toys otmechalos censure and alienation (that's the way it was perceived in childhood...remember. Scolds – means does not like. All.) If cleaning is not an option – then walk on fresh air at least half an hour. At worst, the gym and exercise. Why the gym is the worst? Because there's no fresh, natural, clean air. On., though not very clean, but from the natural world. As they say in the East, in the conditioned air little prana flies, she fills us with strength and vitality in the breath.

Plan your vacation

Here is a man trudges home from work without a specific idea of how he would rest, so he will not have a rest: lie down in the terrible strain that he was up all night having nightmares. It is not necessary to repeat the most common mistake time MENEDZHMENTA, which repeats a huge number of people: to plan first things first, and then "if there's time, maybe I will rest for a while"... No. Not so. Are ideal places to relax 4 times a year, every quarter at least a week. You need to rest in weekends. Be sure to select the days of the week when you can forget about work. And be sure to plan to rest for the evening.

so - plan recreation for each day, week, month and 3 months ahead.

Fatigue as laziness, and procrastination, like many other unpleasant things, in fact we are about something whispered. You need to learn not to ignore them, to dismiss, and to listen, to presume to change anything in my life voluntarily, until life brought about changes in the compulsory nature. Usually we don't like here is her sudden intervention.

Be fit and healthy!

Bogutskaya Olesya
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