the Internet on this subject is full of information of the series: “it is Important to occupy their free time most useful things”. Sound abstract and causes dissatisfaction.

I Propose the following way of planning, it is quite simple.

- Write a separate list of the things you want to do during the week.

- Plan for every day of the week, one case from the list. No need to try to solve a bunch of cases in one load. Planning for the day a few cases, there is a risk not to do any one thing. Or run, but not efficiently. Or run efficiently, but at what cost.

- Doing one thing a day, you'll notice how little you have left time for him. And it isn't just the obvious math: one case takes less time than a few cases. Much easier to get to work, if you know what you only one thing. Knowing what you need to do only one thing, the risks to meet with procrastination are minimized. Therefore, you do not spend time on minor classes, as is usually the case in attacks of procrastination.

if the total list of more than days in the week and are wondering how to do all the work for a week, if you identify yourself to day just one thing:

- I Recommend to pay attention to and analyze how much time you may need to run certain items from the list. Look at your week, certainly each of the days there are things that are your daily activities and responsibilities, and you do not make them in a diary: take the kids to school, help children do homework, play sports or work, walk the dog, spend time with husband/wife, doing household chores.

This is a diagnostic point, it will help to understand where it goes most of the time.

it May be that planning does not cause any difficulties, but to carry out all business for the current week physically fails.

Try, test, explore and bring to life changes, improving its quality.

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