" do You have a plan, Mr. Fix? Do I have a plan? If I have a plan? Yes, I have three of the plan!"

But despite just three options, Mr. Fix, a perfect negative character, still each time was the loser. And I have a version of why:

1. Plans Mr Fix it kept crashing because it is often in a hurry. While Phileas Fogg at the time of thinking about ideas on how to get out of particular trouble, slowed and acted methodically. Phileas Fogg could take a break.

2. Mr. Fix does not prescribe the details of the plan. Phileas Fogg was very attentive to the nuances and used the "everything at hand".

3. Mr. Fix is not predicted force majeure. Yes, he had backup plans, but none of them reached the expected results. The fix might have to just think about solutions in case something breaks, or there was a natural disaster. Phileas Fogg always carried with him in the bag, some tools to fix and umbrella, which were used in different ways.

4. Mr. Fix had no assistants. He tried to do it myself! But Phileas Fogg was respected by his team Mat and monkey Toto.

5. The mission of Mr. Fix was to hurt and to hinder. While Phileas Fogg and his team had in front of a bright target. br>
In fact, Mr. Fix, though negative, but, in my opinion, very cute and need in history to achieve a good purpose hero. He created the obstacles and hurdles is the growth. And achieving his goal, fulfilling their dreams and plans must take into account not only the prize, which will reward in case of victory, but also how this award will improve your life. Obstacles help us to understand, firstly, the power of intention, and secondly, to clean the purpose of the unnecessary, leaving only what you really want. br>
for example, Phileas Fogg knew exactly why he had to go around the world in 80 days and why winning this bet would make him happy. Believe?!

P. S. We also planned on Saturday and I think better of Mr. Fix.

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