People often ask us questions about why not all of their plans and dreams come true? What hinders their implementation? We usually share with their friends and family their plans in anticipation of their support. But many of us have noticed that those plans do not come true, which we told family. And those that were concealed, is fulfilled. Why?

This phenomenon has interested researchers. Among the most outstanding are the following: Kurt Lewin (Kurt Lewin, 1926), Vera Mahler (Wera Mahler, 1933), Peter Gollwitzer (Peter Gollwitzer, 1982).

as a result of their research revealed that when we say your plans, our brain believes it's a fait accompli and does not seek to accomplishment, as is losing interest in him. It follows that it is not necessary to share your plans with anyone prior to their implementation. Ponder them independently, set goals, create a strategy for its implementation, visualize the end result. And Your loved ones learn about Your achievements.

Another important reason for the failure of our life is their unreality. So, for example, naively planning to buy a car by the end of the year, if salary is hardly enough for food and other basic needs.

Our life only then realized, if we will be purposeful and will not niggle. This is especially true of large purchases that require cash savings.

Another obstacle to the implementation of our life of doubts, fears and distrust yourself. When a person is afraid of something or not convinced that he will succeed, he unconsciously inhibits itself, creates obstacles and reasons why life are not feasible.

so, what to do, so that our life plans were carried out?

1. You need to listen to yourself and understand what actually you want.

2. Try to imagine how your life will change when you reach the desired how real your dreams.

3. Needs create motivation, by answering the question: why, for what I want to achieve this?

4. Create a goal clearly imagined, when, by what date your life should be.

5. Go from purpose to planning. Shall describe step by step, what and when you need to do to reach your goals.

6. And now the most important and the most complex actions. Try to act according to the plan. Even if you have to retreat due to life circumstances, try to return to the action plan.

we Wish you realization of all your life!

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