what usually pay attention when choosing a psychologist?

Some rely on the feedback on the work of psychologist, others pay attention to articles, books, published under his pen.

But most of all, potential customers study information confirming the professional level of specialists. This includes information on basic education, information on professional development, the passage of spec. courses, seminars, participation in scientific conferences, congresses and so on.

the work of the psychologist is also imposed on specialist additional obligations. In particular, regularly need to visit the means of supervision, it is advisable to undergo a personal analysis.

a Small educational program.

Under the supervision commonly understood as "therapy therapy" and coaching. Supervision is a form of learning in which an aspiring psychologist and consults more experienced colleagues on the accuracy and correctness of work with private clients.

Intervision is a joint work of psychologists and psychotherapists in the analysis of client case (case). What if, in the case of supervision, the supervisor always experienced your supervisando, interwise colleagues, as a rule, equal in status and level of knowledge.

Psychological counselling is an activity related to the constant contact with people. Most often with those who are in difficult life circumstances. Like most other social professions, the profession of psychologist has a high index of psychological burnout. In this regard, the passage of the personal analysis (the situation in which the psychologist becomes the client therapeuticum other, often more experienced colleague) allows to minimize burnout and to provide the opportunity to develop their own systems, so the latter is not projected from the psychologist on their clients. Thus, personal analysis ensures maximum environmental friendliness of professional activity of specialist in the shower.

Very often in scientific (and not only) community raises the question, which has a healing impact on the client: the identity of the psychologist or professional knowledge?

In the modern world, which along with licensed psychologists for their services under the guise of psychological counseling offer different kinds of mages, shamans, psychics and their ilk, raises a controversial issue: whether a psychologist specialized (psychological) education?

the Question is ambiguous because the answer contains two opposing but equally strong language.

the Complexity is defined by the fact that the subject of the work of the psychologist absolutely special and unique is the soul of man.

In my opinion, the psychological education for psychologists is a priority and mandatory.

Consider a simple example.

for example, seriously ill, a certain Eugene will hardly decide to entrust their health to the person without relevant medical education or core specialist engineer, accountant, etc. of Course, in desperation abstractly specified Eugene can rush to some kind of psychic, but then a high risk of losing not only health but also life.

Or, defending their own interests in court, the vast majority of us will apply for protection to the lawyer. It is quite clear that in the purely legal field is well-thinking citizens do not choose as a protector of the legal interests of the economist, the philologist, or logistician. So why in terms of psychology, should it be otherwise?

Justified when everyone does their job and does not interfere in the professional field of other professionals. The psychologist let him help deal with mental troubles, and let the psychic communicates with spirits and incorporeal entities.

in addition, not knowing how the laws of functioning of human psyche, and what are the fundamental differences in the psyche of the child, adult, elderly person, it is impossible to professionally carry out activities for the healing of the soul. The lack of professional education can lead to a gross violation of one of the basic commandments of the psychologist, do no harm.

in Other words, vocational education for psychologists is an essential attribute.

meanwhile, nobody is insured from different kinds of incidents. For example, you visited the office a certified psychologist. The walls are full diplomas, international certificates and diplomas. "Oh, what a wonderful professional I have found! with glitter of hope in the eyes you think. But the session time is inexorably running out, and you are surprised to realize that, for all its impressive collection of diplomas, this psychologist was, alas, a rather incompetent representative of the profession.

Gradually, we moved to the other side of the issue.

As you know, most healing clients are knowledge (education, method used), and the identity of the psychologist.

In many ways, the education received, which is not supported by the diverse life experiences of a specialist in the shower turns into a pile of dead academic truths.

In this case, for a client, such psychologist acts as a "talking bird", which is the floor deliberately repeats the book of truth, which are received in finished form. For the client this job will not be too effective, becoming rather in an edifying moral.

it is Quite another thing when the psychologist affects client by his way of thinking, behavioral characteristics. In short, his unique personality.

In the end, education is merely a tool that, despite its merits, cannot compete with Personality. The process of psychotherapy is all done through the Person of the psychologist, his personal experience.

As is known, to a specific psychologist clients come not by chance. Most often they come with the query (problem) is valid for "healer" of the soul. If in your life the psychologist does not deal with the problem, to help the client in the same matter he also can not. Thus, we return to the importance of the personality of the psychologist in the process of psychotherapy.

however, there are techniques which are effective in themselves, in spite of the use of their personality. These include, for example, the method of academician Smirnov, is based on penetration into the deeper layers of the subconscious of the client, using special hearing aid imperatives. This technique showed high efficiency even in working with people with drug dependence.

In this regard, it seems important skillful combination of psychologist a good education and the potential of his personality when working with clients. Ideally, the specialist in mind - people with specialized psychological education and constantly engaged in personal development and self-improvement. Although the identity of the physician of souls is undoubtedly primary, in the absence of proper education, it is unlikely to be able to find the correct application to your potential. A good education is a good addition to the personality psychologist.

When choosing a psychologist/psychotherapist it is important to listen to your inner voice, to your feelings. Because consciously we choose professionals who are willing to open up my heart, only 30 %, and unconscious choice is 70 %. It is useful not to drown out the inner voice and to be able to hear the whisper of intuition.

Col (Uskova), Valeria Alekseevna
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