Remember, summer, beach, you, little, and mother who touched the water with his bare foot, saying, "come in quietly, do not go in the water, the cold"!?

and now, before diving into the abyss of errands, tasks, chores, work, and routine and emergency, after a stay on an island the Christmas holidays, in an atmosphere of fun, eating Goodies, idleness, entertainment, communicating with friends and all sorts of other Goodies, will stop for a moment. "Feel" the space in which you in now, and feel like, before the cycle of events will grab you with his head.

as you step out in this new working year? Mood, health, resources, desires, intentions, - what with you now? What you want most? Sleep? Finishing that last piece of "Napoleon" that was left in the fridge? To move? Share with your colleagues the impressions of the rest? Finally sit in silence? To polarcat under the nose of the familiar", jinglebells"))? Immediately remove from the walls of the office no longer relevant Christmas tinsel? Hang a new calendar? To calculate how many days are left until the next holiday, or at least until the weekend? What can you do right now? That later, if possible?

Listen to yourself - what is most important now that will help you to easily and effectively adapt to such a friend and such almost forgotten in these eight days the rhythm.

step by Step develop it post-holiday space. Right now it is possible to look at it with "fresh eyes" (if "fresh"still does not work, then at least different)) if you now the owner of a new look, and see now everything is new, in the new year, not losing, of course, and last year's information!

Remember all the wishes you received the festive greetings! When , if not now "run" them? Wishes for success in all things, success in work and in study, well-being, prosperity, development and prosperity, career and other achievements - very handy! Select most genuine and desirable because remember, remember,- who, with what intonation it is pronounced, or what kind of postcard whose hand, how the handwriting was written the sacred words. Imagine. Stay a little with this one. Tell yourself, "I'm happy to take and implement all that I wanted!" Stay the course! Little wishes? Give them to yourself! In the new year, starting a new stage of life, most desired, most awaited, so let it be! Keep this "lifeline" closer!

now you can move forward! Ready?

Good, nice, interesting, full of life Christmas to you!

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