Poor Yorick and social networks


now, the social network reduces the distance between us rapidly.

Living in a city of one million, suddenly you yourself will feel like the person sitting opposite on the subway, you certainly familiar, and then remember that he is a frequenter of your favorite dirty.ru.

Or here's another case.

I'm a member of a virtual group of free artists with the Manifesto: "In connection with the become frequent cases of the appearance on our streets of works of contemporary art by unknown artists, announce the establishment of a creative Association of a group of researchers ALCOHOL (the Secret works of Art Here). Goals and objectives: to find, to explore, describe, and catalog".

Post here artifacts such as visual, like me, indulging in the serious business of joking, or even Vice versa.

Moving through the city streets, and the attention is not asleep, scrutinizes, his hand reaches for the smartphone, and here they are objects that are installed in the feed like-minded people.

I like Food on the bus.

the Summer heat, all in a relaxed condition of spirit and light clothes.

the Female population in all colors and colorful sundresses, the city South of us, requires exotic tribute from its inhabitants. Here and try give each other and guests of our city, don't disappoint anyone.

Look, and the output is sent to the lady, her dress is colorful, but it is only at first glance, but a closer look, you see that the pattern is not the usual floral, and all of the colored skulls is.

I come for the smartphone.

in Time, its not the best when.

Sitting pretty, and call it a day. Then let's post this beauty in the "SPIRIT" with the accompanying inscription: "the Reincarnation of Poor Yorick. Each of us creates his own image, which forms of phenomena in our streets, objects of modern art unknown artists."

the people in the group laykaet, smiling, I'm happy.

five Days later appears under my post the comment: "I )))))))))))))))))". I'll answer, "Well met)".

Signed up as friends to each other, and now I have a man who is from me so close, and even we have similar interests, the opportunity is there to get in touch to chat without there hands, over the heads of all those standing between us, just directly, by combining a reality online and offline.

the Example is quite revealing.

Around us is an endless series of persons who are nearby physically, and sometimes, you see, in spirit, interests and views.

And that so many are missing.

But this can be easily fixed – meaningful activity on the Internet allows us to be closer to almost all who are close to us in some way!

Ostrivna Elena
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