Portrait of a Martyr


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portrait of a MAN WITH a COMPLEX of MARTYRDOM.

the Concept of victim or Martyr in psychology has nothing to do with the notion of a religious, ecclesiastical, theological. Because different meanings are invested in these terms. Our task is to show the psychological, in many respects the negative side of this state, prinosyaschie many negative consequences as the man himself, dressed this role, and many of those around him.

the Main feature of martyrs - neznama the confidence that they are victims and someone else, but not themselves guilty of their sufferings.

the Basic need of the living being is survival. For a child, an objective way of survival - love and care. But if the child is told that love is necessary zakumi, earn, and on top of that should pay back their parents for their suffering, they suffered for his sake, compensate their victims, and the parents are constantly unhappy, then there is internal belief "I am bad" and to love is nothing.

the years Pass and the world will see a person, constantly seeking the love of others, studiomega from a sense of their insignificance... the Inner struggle: "I want and deserve, but I'm not worthy of love." This is the fear of being abandoned, alone.

a Sense of superiority, attention, gratitude is necessary as air, because his self-esteem depends on the opinions of others. Inside, he continues to long for love and does not believe that it is possible to love.

the Martyr always finds a reason for resentment. He can't just accept people. The Martyr wants to alter another person. Feels its importance. At the same time, painful perception of criticism, vengeful thoughts and desires, the need to complain. Donating and feel that is worthy of respect.

Can only develop among those who personal not increased. And the relationship builds on the principle of "love through the absorption of the territory".

And therefore, people living in this state living to crynoth and acts either as a victim or the role of gnobitelya if he is given the opportunity.

And all this is done because of a lack of love.

Tatiana Osintseva
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