On the causes of postpartum depression I wrote . Now, let's consider what you can do in such a situation.

  1. First, the Council – be sure to consult a specialist. You can start with a psychologist. If psychotherapy is not enough and suspect that the need for medical treatment, the specialist will refer the doctor to a psychiatrist for consultation and prescription. A very important point, even mild depression. Unfortunately, the problems can get worse, plus in severe conditions, the mother may harm yourself or your child.
  2. Part with the desire to become the perfect mother who manages everything and always and never irritated. The child does not need a perfect mother, and the mother is cheerful and cheerful. For this we need to eat well, make time to rest, give time for yourself (a manicure, walks, books – what you like). Really help clear the schedule for those who loves it. Those who do not like to live under the schedule, however, it will be much easier, believe me. Remember that you are perfect and stick to anything not strictly required if it does not, of course, leisure time.
  3. Because social contact is temporarily lost, you should organize a circle of friends, even if you don't want to. It is logical that such terms will be the same mom as you. It is important to get to appointments, on walks. Very cool to meet a girlfriend at home. Communication times. While one mother is taking care of the children, the second has time to prepare something, two. Such communication is also a great option to share with someone who you are sure will understand  your worries, three.

 in General, even if you have a small child, you don't have to sit at home. Baby  don't make you a prisoner comfortable prison.  There are carrying, the stroller, so it  is possible to move together.  Depression is afraid of action. So walking, walking and again walking. To enjoy nature, to look for the positive.

  • Remember that family conflicts can make the condition worse, as I wrote, so my husband still desirable to keep under review and to consider as a fact. It is important with some stability to spend time together. The child will be looked after by the grandmother or sister, and you and your husband go to the cinema or a cafe, or doing something more cooperative and pleasant.
  •  Sex is mandatory. This is, in fact, another source of joy and positivity.  Have in mind that according to statistics, up to 80% of change comes at a time before the year of the child, and  a single mother is not our credo.

  • Be in constant contact with your own feelings. If you need to cry, weep, feel an irritation – admit it. This will be enough to keep the irritation from turning into uncontrollable anger. Yes, you now difficult. Admit it. A very common thing – the feelings of guilt that arise, for example, when you leave the child to the mother, to surrender to the quiet joys of shopping. See the paragraph about the ideal mother. You – not her. The perfect in nature is not found. Remember, it is important not the quantity but the quality of communication. This is what good communication can provide longing and full of energy mother.
  • You have to sleep. If you have the opportunity to have someone feeding from a bottle with expressed milk cool, especially in the first three months, when fatigue increases. If this is not possible, it makes sense to adapt and, for example, horror of horrors, sleeping with the baby and feed almost without waking up. Day sleeping together with the baby whenever possible. Even if You can't sleep in the day, you never have to do chores around the house. You can simply relax, meditate, do something for the soul.
  • Happy motherhood!

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