Poverty is the only thought in my head. Get rid of them, replace with good and money will come!


the Constant need for money, low income, not allowed family financial conflictsthis is probably the most frequent problems of modern society.

  • it Seems that we all do in the world of money is absolutely correct.

But somehow this does not lead to that very result which we want so badly (more money to buy everything that I want, without worrying about the price tag, etc.).

There are several main reasons for the lack (or absence of desired amount of) money, who "invented" people who are in a difficult financial position.

it is, in fact, almost all difficulties with money are "inside" the person, they "originate" in his head and thoughts.

will Give a few examples to illustrate this thesis:

1) Everything that happens around them — is stopping me to get rich.

"blame adverse external circumstances" is a very common (and favorite) misconception of "poor people".

it is Much easier to shift the blame for their problems and failures on the circumstances: the government was bad, and the climate is too hot/cold/rainy, no good work, sanctions pressure, raise taxes, pension "extend" and so on.

thoughts "poor man's" external causes are the most powerful argument against which no arguing, and which conveniently justifies his current (very bad) financial situation.

2) there is No necessary ties.

"Only by having connection with influential people, you can achieve something significant and make a fortune". Did you hear that?

of Course, without the support of other people is extremely difficult to make significant progress:

  • But with the right people can be acquired.
  • It requires investment of time to progressively establish and maintain good relations with influential people.

3) Poor parents.

"it's Impossible to start something without having rich parents who will prepare for me all for yourself, and for me already all is ready — position, business, good capital".

It is these, and the like, installation (beliefs) in our minds preventing us to reach a higher level of income and wealth.

first, is to understand that everything that happens around us (all those difficulties and challenges, income level and the material wealth that each of us at this point in time, is a consequence of our decisions and actions (which came in the Wake of thoughts).

second, the ability to see opportunities (and in their absence — ability to create them) can eventually "turn" very little-earning person in a very financial successful.

this is What distinguishes a successful person from the poor is a persistent desire every day to look for opportunities, eliminating many tons of empty ore diamonds and new promising ideas.

third, a negative thinking "perpetuates" poverty passes poverty from one generation to another.

Thinking problems and excuses "program" thinking with the reproduction and exacerbation of existing financial problems.

What can I do to get rid of "poverty thinking": Find the strength to thank the Universe for what You have now. Each day record in your journal your successes, even minor ones, in any sphere of life. Write a script for their future life (how do You see your life in 10-15 years) and are looking for practical tools for "materialization" of this scenario. Learn basic financial literacy. Monthly invest part of their income. Become an investor become an investor.


  1. Look around like "rich man."
  2. Each day look for opportunities. Become a professional in his field. Make "work" your money instead.


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Stuart McPhee
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