Practical advice from a psychologist to parents of children with special needs.


Since the beginning of the 21st century in Russia there has been a significant increase in the number of children with disabilities. The level of disability since childhood, has increased more than 3.6 times, and according to forecasts will increase in the future. Currently in Russia there are 8 million disabled people, including 1 million children with disabilities. The situation of disability is the most common and critical situation in the modern society.

the Family in which a child with developmental disabilities falls under the yoke of numerous problems. This provokes difficulties in the relationship not only between parents but also between the child and his parents. Every parent raising a child with disabilities is faced with a situation of necessity of its adoption as it is, with all the problems associated with his illness. But unfortunately, not every parent is able to accept the situation adequately..
it is Known that some parents tolerate the effects of stress very difficult, and the tragedy of the situation breaks their fate. Others find the strength to confront challenges, able to fulfill your potential and achieve maximum success in social adaptation of the child.

Many studies confirmed that parents, for a long time in a state of stress caused by the presence of many problems associated with raising a child with disabilities, formed an unfavorable psycho-emotional relationship with the child. The task of the psychologist in this situation to help the parents to activate their personal spiritual resources to overcome all stressful factors that inevitably arise as a result of upbringing and rehabilitation of a disabled child. Today there is an urgent need for the organization and conduct psychological interventions with families raising children with disabilities.

In the process of psycho-correction work by the child, the psychologist should adhere to the main task – the elimination of emotional blocks or obstacles on the path of self-realization and self-actualization of a disabled child. The main professional duty of the psychologist is to create an appropriate psychological climate in the family in which the child with disabilities might exhibit all of his talents and abilities.

therapists working with children with disabilities, especially to ensure that children were able to establish a positive relationship with other people and that they were confident in their own abilities and their own worth.

In the course of their professional activity, based on methodological developments of specialists of different scientific fields I have formulated practical recommendations for parents of special children:

  1. Encourage the child's optimistic view of the world. Be yourself an example for your child.

  2. Give your child as much attention as possible, talk with him, discuss with him everything that was bothering him.

  3. you can instill in the child the realization that life is the greatest value.

  4. Together with the child build plans for the future, the planned life goals.

  5. Strive for personal growth, spiritual development of themselves and develop them in the child.

  6. Increase the level of activity and independence in the child.

  7. Provide the child (given his individual characteristics) communication not only within the family.

  8. Attend counseling and psychotherapeutic sessions aimed at the development of the child and the harmonization of intra-family relationships.

  9. Raise the level of awareness of the condition and the specifics of the disease of their child, often seek preventive care.

  10. Love your child for what he is.


Azurina Inna

Azucena Inna
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