Run, not wait! Here's psihologia!

  If you've never played sports and physical ativnost for you new, at first it may be frustrating-keep this in mind! Start with the minimum loads, they don't have to be stressful!

  it is Important not to frighten "a bird that lays you health!"))) it is Important not to burn out. Listen to yourself, how many minutes is enough. It will make the heart load, but not to ensure its good tolerability.

Gradually increase the duration of employment.

for Example, start with 10 minutes.

Every week add five minutes and bring the duration to half an hour.   If you find it difficult to allocate in eating schedule 30 minutes, divide the class into two parts of 15 minutes.

 Remember, gradually, the more you do it, the more you will get from the neurohormones of joy.

  Exercise should be the simpler the better! This kind of exercise easier go to automatic mode.

All hard-carry the day (e.g. skiing or ice skating, etc.)

the intensity of the exercise

exercise — an important factor.

   ideally, it should be designed so that a 20–30 minutes of training your core frequency­tion cuts have reached 65–85 % of your maximum. the Simplest way to determine exercise intensity during training you should be a bit harder to talk than usual.

 So that was fun practice, for example, I set myself a movie or music, you can do a light cleaning, use lightweight dumbbells, inflatable balls.

I and my colleague-friend talk on the phone standing up and continuing to do anything, to walk.

Walking is actually one of the easiest ways to give yourself not annoying and imperceptible physical activity!

 psychological assistants that can come in handy.

  First, I learned from his client. This is an extremely topical subject for the big cities to go to the gym for training before reaching home! The house has already been sitting down on the sofa or even completing household duties is difficult to pull out again to get out and go to class.

 Now I see that my son , working in the office late sometimes, use this method. Chose a room on the way home from work.

   you can Also choose not to use the Elevator, walking down the stairs of the flats, it's easy to nachawati quite sufficient on the day of loading.

  I almost never stand on escalator in the subway for this reason. Rhythmic step, sets a good pace, and even with headphones favorite band is Imagine Dragons, well, or something creates an additional mood.

   exercise that you like. To get the physical joy of exercise that you like. If you don't like to run, it is unlikely to force yourself to enjoy it, I used it only in the period when there was very little time and money and to load it on the internal senses is necessary.

  also helps the company. So we started to play with a friend. She lazy, then me, and when you go to meet each other and agreed to continue, to overcome and eventually get involved in classes much easier.

 For some, I know it's a personal trainer as a personal psychologist in something the same and adds the motivation and just the joy of meeting and a relaxed and warm  chatting during class.

Choose for themselves , as the saying goes  "to each his own and you do not ukazchik. You love watermelon, and I pork hryaschik"

  There are many types of sports activities that helps to strengthen the heart and body. Find what  is right for you : tennis., walking, Cycling, swimming, aerobics, rowing, skating, exercises on the pole, Jogging, fitness, belly dancing, karate, Taekwondo, Boxing.

Who have started or are going finally?!

Treat me comments and heart huskies)))

Personally, I started at 15 minutes and go to swim today!

And who for a consultation, I will be in Moscow after March 9.

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