Practical numerology

the people on the Ground know a lot of languages. Every nation speaks its language. And languages of these hundreds, if not thousands.

But there is one universal language that all understand – the language of numbers. Any information can be written in this language. And not only recorded, but stored in the memory cells of the Universe. So the information in the Akashic records is stored in numeric form. Information in the EIS (level of time energy, in fact of evolution) is recorded in the form of Numbers. The figure is a symbol that when decrypting can give a huge amount of information.

the Science of figures numerology is divided into macro and micro numerology-numerology. Macro-numerology is a figure in the scale, that is, the part of numbers in global processes such as the Evolution of the Earth, the Soul's Evolution, the Progression of outer space.
Micro-numerology reflects the participation numbers in a more local, individual processes of a single entity or object.

the Figure in a person's life is a symbol of the evolutionary path, an evolutionary beginnings, that is, of gradualism. It is – it is a characteristic of numbers. Even solving the example in the earth's middle school you solve a problem, and the solution of this problem will lead you to the answer, and the answer to a new stage.

Numerology is the esoteric key.

What is spirituality? Esoteric is secret knowledge.

What is the secret knowledge? Secret knowledge – additional keys to those doors, those combinations that are complementary to the understanding of what is happening in your incarnational life, these are the keys that reveal a little more than you can see your vision, hear your hearing, tangible with your hands, etc.

Numerology is one tool that can help a person better understand the causal relationships and key tasks that need to be addressed during the incarnation.

background information about yourself, the goals of incarnation, you can obtain on the basis of the start code. What is the start code? This is the final Prime number, obtained by adding the digits that make up the person's birth date.

Suppose your date of birth 22. 05. 1971. Perform addition:



1+9+7+1=18; 1+8=9

4+5+9=18; 1+8=9

the Final Prime number 9. This is the start code.

what's he talking About?

Start code 9 - closes the karma of the family. This means that all the blows of karma this person will take over and fulfill the mission. If good for practicing such a mission, the family gets free from many nodes, and incarnant great prospects for the next incarnation. If it is bad – the suffering, pain perception, pessimism and despondency accompany the incarnation of such a person.

Just starting 9 codes, and each has its own value, says the main karmic challenge.

However, not only start-up code has an impact. In addition to the starting code, there are also other codes: local, final, etc. In different areas, in different periods of his life a person will work and other codes, but this is a consequence, but the starting code is the cause.

Knowledge of numerology can help a person to understand his inner world in matters of building relationships with the external world, and also in proper relationship building within the family - between husband and wife, between parents and children.

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