Practical visualization: attract money!


the Topic of money and relevant, and banal. The article is not about that.

I want to share a working visualization that builds Relationship with money reveals our subconscious, their value and learn to structure our LIFE VALUES.

In Slavic mythology is the God Veles. Besides the fact that it esteemed Lord forest and animals, he is still recognized as a God of abundance, fertility and prosperity.

the Practice of visualization, "the Treasury of Veles" I use in personal training, it is possible to use it individually. It is a little heavy, but the result is worth it!

the Visualization is done in a smooth mood, so no one bothered or distracted. You can do before going to bed.

If you have the feeling that the money was somehow indifferent to treat you, not ask in your purse or sidestep your home, now is the time to do this practice!

so, read. Close our eyes. Relax. Started!

K A h N And B O G A V E L E s

  1. IMAGINE the image of Veles - the God of wealth, wisdom, knowledge, prosperity.
  2. Then your image close to.
  3. Your image connects with the image of Veles, forming a spiritual cocoon.
  4. In the spiritual world there is a bill of 100 rubles Power of our thoughts denomination multiplied: 2, 3-5 -7-15 times
  5. Collect the pile of bills, they are in our hands. Feel them clearly.
  6. Spend with pleasure all that is needed. Be sure to the last notes.
  7. Clean space. In the spiritual world there is a bill of 500 rubles.
  8. Collect. Spend with pleasure all that is needed. Be sure to the last notes.
  9. Clean space. In the spiritual world there is a bill in 1000 rubles. 10. Then similarly work with banknotes of 100 dollars, 100 euros. Collect. Spend with joy.

ATTENTION! PP. 11 and 14 as desired, depending on acceptance, necessary, vital moments. These items are situational.

11. In the spiritual world arise Gold bullion. Everything multiplies exponentially, they fall from the sky like leaves.

12. Spend them easily, gladly, do not forget about charity. For the benefit of the Universe. With a sense of satisfaction.

13. Then take to your world all the bills, and too small, in the form of a mixed flow. Collect in piles, burning with pleasure until the last notes.

14. At the end of the work with precious stones. Every cell in our body feels the flow and helps to invest in a profitable business.

15. Be sure to thank this thread because it helps to fulfill our desires and our destiny.

16. Thanks Veles for wisdom, knowledge, magic magic, for the multiplication of wealth. Thank you.

17. And return.

in addition to adjusting the Relationship with money, this practice of visualization helps to understand values, to realize the power of a sort and the present value of the loved ones you people (to spend money on them you will be happy!). So – try, do it!

And remember: all practices regarding money, IF YOU WORK!

Our happiness and our wellbeing is in our hands!

happy to answer your questions!

Eleanor Abramov, counselor, business coach, personal development coach.

Abramova Eleanor
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