One day at the training (ten years ago!) I HEARD this phrase: "Our subconscious mind can't distinguish fantasy from reality are real!"

the meaning of the phrase stunned: because it works both ways – both positive and negative... Definitely working with for centuries. When elderly relatives are worried: "Oh, where did you go, there's so much ice on the road, broken!", - it is not living subconscious negative situation? The famous "do not croak you," "thought material", etc. just out of this region.

it is this property of our unconscious and built all of the theory and practice of wish fulfillment, healing and the study of success and positive attitude. And this is a working practice! Will share them, she used a long time and in the consultations and trainings of personal growth.

Visualization of Success.

Remember all the episodes of your life when you had success or was the winner: it may be sporting achievements and the end of the music or art school, obtaining a Certificate of complete secondary education and diploma at University. You may have finished tinkering with model of the cruiser embroidered or cross-stitch a beautiful picture... ZAKARIA conscious this moment, "put" it in your life backpack will come in handy! For now, YOU're the WINNER! Live this moment, remember! And will to "get it" from memory if necessary: when you are sad, or sad, or when you live the moment of failure. In this case, the understanding that failure is temporary, after all you were the Winner and your subconscious will help you! If tomorrow you have an important presentation, negotiation or job interview – sit in a chair and "live" with all the details of the planned action. The mind would accept it as the experience! Works!

Positive visualization.

We remember all the moments of unconditional happiness: the first trip to the sea, childhood memories of the river-dawn-fishing, bright holidays, wedding, birth of child, etc. each with its own Arsenal.

Or (better before bed in a quiet environment, when we are tete-a-tete with your subconscious mind) imagine a beautiful warm area. One that gives you pleasure! Sea, mountains, palm trees, sky, forest, fire, your own house or Mars... Only condition: the area should be created with the smallest details.

for Example, a Villa in the Emirates. Top of colored stained glass, it casts a glare on the white marble floor on the outdoor patio. A garden with colourful birds, water cascades and a pool with goldfish. Between palm trees, hammock, and around the gazebo with scarlet bougainvilleas. The garden descends to the sea... And inside the Villa - an office with furniture white leather and tricked out computer. A bedroom...

Like it? Over time, you can add new elements, someone to "invite" or enjoy the most... This visualization fills us with positive, negative vents...And it's all available for free and always with us! When you are sad or bad, you just need to sit down, closing the eyes, relax and visit in your area. Works! If the first area eventually tired, you can create another. Third.

by the Way, the daily living of positive emotions is one of the conditions
of developing the habit of happiness

Our happiness and our success is in our hands! I want to be happy and successful – be it!

happy to answer your questions!

Eleanor Abramov, counselor, business coach, personal development coach.

Eleanor Abramov
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