As you live happily or not?

Sometimes, a client comes for a consultation in such deep sorrow that it seems at first, though, and in fact no planet is a person with problems bigger than him. But when he begins to talk, sometimes it turns out that many others are in much more adverse conditions, but I feel quite well.

Here would be worth discussing the level of claims, the depth of perception, of sensitivity, however, is another story...

So what is the difference between man and man pechalyaschihsya rejoicing (ceteris paribus)?

a Parable in the theme:

the Old Chinese sage (don't remember what it was forced to do) asked my friend to consider the room in order to remember all the brown stuff in it.

the Task was completed, much of brown are listed with their eyes closed. The old man did not delay, put another task – opening his eyes, call items blue. Friend was troubled, because he had not previously asked to remember anything blue. The task remained unfulfilled. When a man has received permission to watch, found that there were a lot of blue.

a Curious story, isn't it?

the Next words of the old Chinese was "Looking for brown – I don't see blue, bad looking, miss good."

How is it applicable in the context about which we talked above?

Being mostly in a bad mood and trying on the diagnosis of "depression", as it is with many happen, it would be good to stop... Stop and look, not do you pay attention only on brown poor bypassing attention blue good? Either from this if you are depressed?

Proverbs, wise as they may be, remain only parables, if we did not use to improve their own lives.

And they are often quite useful as exercises for your own transformation.

As you practice from the Chinese sage? Awareness of the presence of the positive in life generally has a positive impact on the internal state.

Will look good? Give yourself a job each day?

With love, I...

P.S. my Wonderful, attentive readers... Other side of the issue too. If you really badly and this state is not momentary, but practice of this kind for you neutral, do not pull aggravate. Time to ask for help, turning to a specialist is also important. You deserve to feel good.

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