Practice gratitude - a lifeline!


Often when we feel bad and a little strength – we want to find the magic method that can quickly get us out of it. To give hope, to give forces to live further.

the Practice of gratitude, is just such a magical tool!

She came into my life during the difficult period after a robbery on the street, the alarm was covered all day, has not wanted to, wanted to disappear, the world was gray, but nothing helped.

about the practice I told a friend, every time I thank her for this gift!

From that moment began my recovery and began to return the colors of life, emotions, dreams, energy, etc.

So happy to talk to you today about this magical practice!

Choose a suitable option to apply the practice of gratitude:

  • Just like a mantra to repeat myself: Thank you, thank you, thank you… Repeat as often as you can. Watch for changes in their condition. Better to do the practice every day until you feel much better.
  • Choose what you want to "grow" for the week: energy, money, etc, start to thank, what you already have!!!

for Example

Thank your energy for what it was enough for today ....

it is Important that your gratitude is slipping depreciation!

Thank the entire week one and watch what changes will occur!

  • in the Evening, remember all, even the smallest pleasant, good, happy moments for which you are grateful. Write down in a special notebook and thank you for every moment separately.

an Important aspect for any practice is to do it regularly!

While you know, think, etc., any changes will not occur.

the Magic begins when you start to use it!

Watch for changes in their condition!

Which option you choose for yourself today?

Maybe you already know the practice of gratitude, then share in a moment of practice came into your life? 

What helped? What changes have brought with them? In which version did you practice? And for how long? Practice is still practiced or stopped?

Tell us about your changes.

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