Practice of mindfulness (exercise)


the more often You practice this practice, the better it gets and comes to perfection (as in everything:))) Inflate the muscle of awareness :)

the Mechanism is simple practice) harder to execute, because the psyche will defend itself against innovations, but the result is worth it. Magic, however, is not :)
the idea is to:
- keep track of your emotions,
- look for the cause,
- explore the objectivity of reasons (which most are not)
- to think about the implications
continue to make choices: what's in it for me? where it will lead me?

Example: You tell someone what you want to bake cakes to order.
In response, someone (even a close someone) said (negative can be direct and indirect, veiled, I think You understand):
"do you have experience?"
"I saw in instagram Mary bakes cakes, very beautiful"
"a Lot of time will be spent on promotion"
"Now full of those who bakes cakes. Now this is no surprise"
"the Cakes? Maybe something more serious?"
"I think you the writer will come out better"

and so on.

it hurts. You don't even have time to understand the reason and the mind and the body has already reacted heaviness in chest and increased heartbeat, shortness of breath or conversely loss of strength. br>
Then you are exploring your emotions.

Your emotion: irritation/resentment/jealousy/anger/desire to hurt in response, which initially originated in bodily sensations. This happens lightning fast. To start, the body instantly followed by the thought: "Yes, I think. However, it is not serious. I never will, as Masha". You understand in General. Then there's the important detail: if You do that about yourself ever thought, it instantly POPs out.

But You tell yourself, "Stop." Search for why she was hurt. Because: about themselves so thought there is no clear understanding about yourself. Because remembered resentment. There are a lot of options can be...

In General, You understand why it was painful and understand that it is not objective, not constructive.

And You have a choice :) what's next to do.

Darya Smirnova
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