Pre-wedding turmoil. How not to lose love?

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Wedding is one of the most exciting events in the life of every person. How many hopes and plans put the bride and groom to their bright future together! And, it would seem, ahead of only pleasant worries and cares, the organization of the long-awaited event. However, here the fun begins. In pre-wedding turmoil between lovers can cause quarrels and conflicts related to the divergence of opinions or personal experiences (fear, doubts about the correctness of his decision). In the end, the future spouses just forget why they started all this.

the Excitement and experiences before the wedding are absolutely natural process. Another thing is that they can harm the relations of the future spouses.

in order to prepare for the wedding proceeded in a positive direction and brought only pleasure, I offer several recommendations.

first, it is important to understand that in this period You can experience different emotions (fear, irritation, excitement, anxiety, etc.). All of this can occur not only from the bride and groom. In this regard, try to be more tolerant and considerate towards each other. Respect each other's feelings.

second share with a partner their feelings about the upcoming wedding. Discuss solutions to the encountered difficulties.

third to leave doubts behind, get together with visualization. Imagine bright paints Your future together (in a positive term): your home, children, common interests, implementation of long-awaited goals, etc. Make a collage (from the French. collage - gluing, gluing). Take graph paper and magazines. Cut and paste any of the pictures, answering the question: "How do I see our future in a few years?". The end result is a clear vision of Your future together. This will help to relax and get away from wedding panic.

fourth, think positive. Even when an unexpected unpleasant things in the process of preparing for the wedding, try to get good out of the situation. For this You can answer the following questions: What happened is good? What experiences can I learn from this situation?

fifth, to relieve stress mentally play very solemn event. How will You look? Who will You surround? Where and how will the celebration? Try to imagine Your wedding in the morning and before the end of the day.

And finally, remember about Your feelings to each other! Think about how You are well together as You love each other. You can even take a journey back in time together to remember the pleasant events of Your couple.

Most importantly, make Your wedding memorable for You, because it is the happy and long awaited day for You. I hope the suggested tips will help You with this.

and I, in turn, I wish You only positive impressions from pre-wedding preparation and sweet memories from Your wedding day!

the counseling Psychologist Elena Mushroom.

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