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Masha moves on unloved work, counting the days until retirement, the Bay all the way, because dissatisfied, dissatisfied with what she does not know his destiny, but on the other hand, is a favorite Machine))) Very like to dream of this sweet theme: "if I found it, found what I want to do, then the whole world would have changed."

Masha would have become another such successful, happy, popular, rich, slim, beautiful, married, with three beautiful children, she lived in bright and spacious apartment, would have a house outside the city and so on and so on.

And our Masha revels in their dreams and sincerely believe that she has all this merely because she hasn't found its purpose. And had to go to the unloved work, to save money (TK money is not enough), to live with her mother and from time to time to meet "her men." The reality is sad and depressing effect. Therefore, she "generates" the illusion, often trying to have conversations on this topic, the topic of destiny. Talks about it, shares his illusions and smoothly in my thoughts slipping away back to your own.

Masha reads a lot of literature on this subject, running in different trainings, in the hope, suddenly, the coach will say: "Be you, Masha, so-so." And most interesting is that even if he would say: "Be you Mary, hairdresser))". I think Masha will be? Not! Will not! Very pricing unlikely. And you know why?

Because of sweet dreams, will not.

Because it will have to dramatically CHANGE his life.

Because you will need to take responsibility FOR THEMSELVES (now that she knows its purpose and it is very "convenient" not to know).

it is Unlikely that she will be a hairdresser. Although the child dolls were woven, and in adult life all my friends saw her totter. She always loved it, especially to experiment with painting hair. All this she knows, BUT....

Everyone inside feels, what he likes to do, what is the soul. But he is afraid to admit it to myself, maybe realizing that it was his destiny, will have to take steps to deal with fear again and again. And people don't want to. They prefer to live in illusions, living a normal uninteresting life, grumbling it and proving to everyone and most importantly myself that they are doing everything possible to find his destiny.

my Dear, I sincerely wish you to stop living in illusions.

❤ Larisa Zamyatin

the coaching psychologist consultant on a magical ass

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Larisa Zamyatin
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