This happens infrequently, but happened yesterday. All the arrangement for the evening dealt with the topic of conception, gestation, pregnancy, childbirth, the birth of healthy children. The exercise suggests itself. The hall was attended by women who have not had children. The rest of the group agreed to help them.

the Exercise is conducted in pairs

  • Mistress of the situation (the woman has not yet given birth)
  • the Deputy of her unborn child


  • Master of the situation appoints the Deputy to the role of their unborn child, and they stand opposite each other at a distance of 1.5-2 meters. Share the feeling.
  • Then a female master of the situation politely and respectfully invites the child to come to her and be born from her. Words their picks. The child gives feedback, shares his impressions.
  • the child Then approaches and enters into corporal contact with mother. This contact can be different. You can just look at each other, to touch, to hold hands, to cuddle, you can hold the baby to your stomach. You – the master of the situation. Do as deem appropriate.
  • Then the woman-mother and child are modeling the process occurring during the 9 months of pregnancy. They are together, slowly through the vector. One step – one month of pregnancy. At each step, they listen attentively to their feelings and share them with each other.
  • Then they come to the moment of birth and make an energetic step forward (jump), and there below the baby changes the degree of contact with the mother's body (for example, increase the distance or instead of the tight hug is now just the touch of a hand or more light arms). And again share with each other sensations.

exercise: Reduce fears of conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood among women who have not yet given birth. Experience the incomparable beauty of the mysteries of pregnancy and motherhood.



  • I liked to be a baby in space, when he's not here yet. Happiness is. Absolute. He was sitting there. Him there as well. And it should be persuaded to come down. Well to persuade. Because there is good.
  • I Have, apparently, very soon it will happen. It just happened in the exercise. I baby just appointed, and it is time and stood beside me. What? Already? Very quickly. Here I sit, potential fathers sorted out... Who will be lucky?
  • Experience of exercise is a challenge. First time for everything, all clear, everything is unknown. Felt certain changes in the body. There as a fear of the unknown. Very interesting to lift the veil and see: What is it?
  • it is Clear that at the cellular level the female body knows everything in advance: how to get pregnant how to have a baby. And at the same time with all this interest we have a MIND that that only does not invent. Very interesting happened.
  • I had the role of a child. Interesting observation. I really chatted, then landed and reassured. It happened about 7 months from conception. At this point, somehow, in his ears sounded the March of Mendelssohn. Associative before my eyes appeared a representative of the Registrar.
  • I was in exercise mother. It feels great. Full awareness. Desire. Felt that it would not be accidental. I know why I kid. I know what I'm going to do with it.
  • I was in this pair a child. It just bakes from the heat energy of the mother. Very hot.
  • the Magical feeling as a mother. That's the magic. Otherwise not describe.
  • so, today, we have touched an important topic to an important secret. I hope that those of you who have to give birth for the first time, fears will be less confidence more. And that's good. Good luck!


6-7 October 2018 street 16th stream the training course "Integrative model of the system arrangements" Moscow

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Yuriy Karpenko
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