fearfully and WONDERFULLY I am made! And so, our body is so amazing and wise, much wiser than us and he is well and harmoniously works. But if you are in close collaboration with his body?

Sometimes it turns out amazing things: for example, that a pair of “magical” way can be found anywhere, but not in fertile time. The trip, the party, just tired... I mean, they kind of positioning that child, but unconsciously avoid parenthood. This here is the reflection.

And someone will be a beautiful chart with excellent scores - well cycle-just handsome... and no children. Month no two, three, and nerves - is shown burning impatience, a list of grievances to God, saying “Well, where is our child, I'm here, boy?!”

Thus, a woman or couple to meet at full length face to face with their “weak” places. If people are Mature enough, they find the strength to face those challenges and accept them as an accurate indication of what I should improve. If you do not cope off Sonablate, of course, also get this result: a new round of lessons on the way to overcome the “sterility”.

whether to run to the doctors and demand their child? It is possible, they will do everything possible from the point of view of medicine, but can not find anything. You can go to extreme measures - ECO! But who knows, he understands that if the mind is unconsciously the enemy of pregnancy, the kids are not accustomed + with a successful ECO - delete - aborting unwanted embryos that leaves a certain ripple effect in the uterus and the babies left there to live and grow in an atmosphere of abortion and death.

On pregnancy and its flow and even at birth, this fact may not influence or be invisible, but in practice the symptoms of children already in the adult or grown-up state. It might be - loneliness, rejection, clinging to life, fear. On this point there is a lot of research, but it has been proved that the influence of the "unborn brothers and sisters" is the place to be.

But before going to extreme measures with good health, it is worth considering - "what's to stop us becoming parents?" Look at the problem not only from a medical point of view but also from a psychological one. After all, where are we going if that is not so in this area - to the doctor)) To the psychologist rarely go, but because our brain and reproductive system are very connected and strictly perform each other. The subconscious screams "NOT to give BIRTH!", uterus says "OK!" and doing everything possible to couple in the night love is not met) . But, it's okay : tired, not in the mood, have a headache or not at the time, as it is written above.

the Word “infertility” is put in quotes because the true infertility is rare. In most cases, the absence of children - it is a question of a competent work with him.

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Svetlana Sorokina
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