Perinatal loss is the loss of a child related to artificial interruption of pregnancy (abortion), non-viable pregnancy, spontaneous miscarriage, death of child in childbirth.

Despite the fact that the loss of the newborn child is not regarded in our country as grief, it is grief for a woman. It doesn't matter whether she grieve "openly" or kept "stiff upper lip" with it so that she begins to believe that it doesn't matter that it's a bad step on her journey to motherhood. Perinatal loss leaves its trace in the mental wound is deep, painful, which may be the cause of psychological infertility and in this case it prorabotayut in therapy, i.e. at the time when a woman is planning a pregnancy.

it Is also otherwise – a new pregnancy and suddenly the woman fear. The expectant mother begins to listen to his condition so carefully, that at some point she begins to seem that everything goes wrong that she was not able to bear a child. Fear joins wine – wine in front of the child for their way of life, for health, for medications that must be taken and many more things. The cause of this condition is that the unexamined trauma of perinatal loss. The wound, which sort of did not bother, suddenly begins to bleed. And it happens so much that the threat is a new pregnancy. After all, the psyche tries to save the woman, the level of anxiety exceeds all possible limits and the only way to reduce this burden is to "remove the source of anxiety".

What to do?

In such cases, when a woman expects a baby, the study of "old" injuries loss can be dangerous, so we are working to reduce degrees of anxiety, stabilization of women, over the preservation of her pregnancy. Good to use etherapeutics methods that endure "internal outside", so you can work with it, to change, to form new. Also my clients I often give home building - write all the possible options for resolving their pregnancy and the actions they will take in each of the options. This assignment relieves the feeling of uncertainty of the outcome of the situation and this in itself terapeutiche, because the consciousness is no longer focused on a single point, the set of possible strategies is expanding, and so the world is variable.

If this article has left a response in Your soul, if you fear for your child is driving You crazy, try to independently perform the described exercise, it will reduce the level of anxiety. For more in-depth study of his condition I recommend to consult a psychologist.

Inna Sianowska
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