Pregnancy and feelings
A woman decides to become a mother not once asked myself. Will I be able to get attached to the baby, will I be able to care for the child? These questions and fears are quite normal and natural. When a woman learns that she is pregnant she experiences stress, regardless of whether the pregnancy was planned, desired or unexpected.
during this period there is the fear of change. And indeed it is. In a woman's life is now changing. Concerning work, school, family relations, plans and prospects for the future. It inevitably happens even if the pregnancy was planned.
a Woman experiences a range of feelings, some of them cause shame in a pregnant woman. Such as anger, anger, sadness, anxiety. She was hiding them, not talking to anyone about it. Concealment of feelings leads to self-deception and delusion. It's okay to experience different feelings. Don't criticize or blame, that you are experiencing anxiety ,fear, anger, at this period of your life.
the Most important thing in early pregnancy – to realize their state. Be aware of the pregnancy means you can carry a baby in your life and start a joint existence. It is very difficult to do and not just. But for 9 months we talk to a baby, learning to understand his needs and desires. But if we allow ourselves to have different feelings, to recognize them, and pregnancy to become more conscious.
the reason for fear can be various superstitions ( don't eat much meat, that the child was not hairy, not to look at the fire and so on).
Sometimes the fears and anxiety begin to interfere with living and enjoying the pregnancy. The best way to get rid of these fears and obsessions to realize them. To make it easier to recognize and understand your condition, you need to go to a therapist.
I invite you to my office where we can talk about all your fears, anxieties, obsessive-compulsive disorder.
the Concealment of emotions and anxieties, leads to the fact that the woman is in stress. And it may have a negative impact on the child, as the hormone of stress. It is very important to study and explore the mechanism of your condition. To understand from where did a particular fear, anxiety or anger.
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again, I invite you for a consultation.
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Ustyuzhanina Elena
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