it is Worth noting that men with similar sexual problems are rare on reception at the psychotherapist, sex therapist or couples therapy. Often they are a problem do not think that great complexity and to adapt to it.

Some even see in it certain advantages, because a man with a strong sexual Constitution may briefly but frequently, and, for example, with the syndrome of the troublesome expectation of sexual failures (STON), just the opposite is happening.

Here, immediately suggests some conclusions. He's already correlated with sexual partner men premature (rapid) ejaculation. Sometimes, it is possible to build relationships and have good sex, but keep in mind some of the nuances that I want to tell you today.
the First thing you should pay attention to is the type of the men. For example, now see me as a psychologist-sexologist client from Moscow, slightly ha age thirty. Conclusion about here would be: need for sex is high, therefore, it is a strong sexual Constitution. Next, you need to take into account the fact that the peak of formation of sexuality the client already has passed, and 26 may be a slight decline or, as some sexologists, psychotherapists, or family counselors: a man comes to your sexual rhythm.

And already concerning sexual partners of such men: he will approach the girl with a strong sexual Constitution, which is characterized by frequent orgasms, great sex desire. Then, maybe, called: they found each other. But, the guy will have to pay much attention to the phase "before" and "after" sex.

the Girl preferably a good "warm up" to sex, then there is a chance that she will have time to experience orgasm in such a short time of intercourse.

Next, the most a man should not rush or as my client said from Moscow: to slow down. It is clear that it is not so simple. When approaching the desired peak of pleasure, does not want to think about some minor things, and distracted by something. But, unfortunately, it is often necessary to do so, or use coitus interruptus to the excitement subsided and the man was able to continue the sex.

Oh, and always will be the man of technology of the NLP on the topic of time dilation in the duration of sexual intercourse. There is, however there is one exception, which even you know not all sexologists, psychotherapists and family psychologists. This problem is called syndrome paracentral lobules. The essence of it is this: if a man is the first sexual act, then comes the refractory phase – the period of sexual nevozbudimosti, but further has the body of a man with strong sexual Constitution quickly becomes normal, and he was again ready to make nice action. Then the second or third sexual act will have a more slow and long lasting. And here at men with the syndrome paracentral lobules, this does not happen. If, for example, in the classic version of the man will be able to use prolongatory to prolong the sexual act, here they would be useless, because, had such physiological peculiarity: he was born that way.

But in this case, you can always find some extra output. Here we have to work and see what you can do on an individual basis.

When a client comes to reception, there is always something that creates a sexual problem inside men and outside: the difficulties of communication, not the sexual partner, negative past experiences, or what people used to always rush in General, in life. the failure itself, improper installation, etc.. With all that you should understand to adopt a psychotherapist, sex therapist, or family psychologist, and the situation, in any case, trim as much as possible.

P. S. This article is fictional and real characters is irrelevant.

Afanasyev Lily
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