Every thought entails action, and every action follows in consequence. In my life man produces plenty of action out of which the mass effects and they are not always favorable. However, I'm getting ahead of myself.

In our progressive age, it often happens that children grow up before their time. It all starts from the excessive employment of parents who almost lost a day at work and very little time spend with their children. Children are forced to learn by trial and error. Independently complete homework assignments. Also often care about their ustavshih for the parents, prepare meals, do the cleaning. It's certainly an important and integral pickup, so only gets their child on their own, with little input from parents. In addition, children at every step is taught to exercise the utmost respect for elders and honor to the elderly.

this Often leads to early marriage and children. All, at this stage, people can not live without enhanced responsibility for themselves and their families. The man with his head submerged in the hustle and bustle of life. Hangs the responsibility for all who are close and not only. The strap, which he pulls itself becomes an unbearable burden. But here's the paradox surrounding absolutely do not appreciate the efforts of such a person. Hung on him more and more responsibilities and constantly raise requirements, climb on your head and ride there before wiping the head. That person just shamelessly use it.

A person who is under that heavy load becomes sullen, depressed and just wants to relax and a little respect. On a subconscious level, a person already thoroughly entrenched view that peace and respect for him will come only with old age. By the age of forty, the human face is covered with wrinkles, but the head is gray, my eyes becomes dull and full of regret. Gradually, people catch themselves thinking that it may have enough to ride on it, and it is time to start respecting it. For fifty years, man breaks down physically, he has a whole bunch of diseases from which he is not even trying to recover.

So, the man invites into his life old age in the hope that now he will rest and his children and grandchildren will be of his respect and honor. Only respect and the rest still did not come, but why? Yes, because premature growing up and aging is a consequence of your own habit is to drag everything and everyone on their backs. Due to the fact that as a child, the man no one explained and showed by example that every person is self-sufficient and full-fledged personality, able to take responsibility for themselves. And it is not necessary to hang on someone else's burden, and is worthy of respect every decent person regardless of age. And it is not necessary for this to get old, and hurt.

And what do you deduce from that? The arrival of a premature old age and lots of sores, as well is the responsibility of each of us. Most importantly, time to realize it.

Tatiana Selinger 26.12.2018.

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