it is believed that in modern society there are three taboo topics – sex, death and money. I found another – birth.

the question about birth almost nobody answers honestly. It is normal to dismiss phrases like “everything will be fine” or “no one has died”. This reaction is in most cases due to the desire to “frighten” of a pregnant woman.

In the 21st century the fear of childbirth is foolish and even shameful (say, medicine and all that). So many women suppress their fear, giving the impression that he is not afraid to give birth.

meanwhile, fear – the natural satellite of the first pregnancy. It is the instinct of self-preservation, which need to be considered. A natural defense mechanism that warns us of danger and tells you the correct way out of difficult situations. Main – to learn to hear these messages.

a Special force has the fear that diligently suppress. He becomes panicky and does not allow us to live, trying to reach out to us, come what may. Therefore, the more we resist, the stronger the feeling of fear.

So many women fall into the trap of ‘not knowing – scary, but knowing is even worse”. That is, on the one hand they are trying not to think about what scares them, and on the other hand the more they “do not think”, “not hear” and “do not see” the faster the wave of panic covers their head.

In fact, to get rid of fear is to face it and accept the “lifeline” my intuition. We are afraid of something not just. We are afraid because our subconscious mind sees this as a real danger now or in the future. Sometimes the danger is in the past (so there is a phobia), but this case in this article, we will not be considered.

it is Important not to be ashamed of their fears and not to suppress them. On the contrary, the very open recognition to themselves and others in their fear of reduce it and relieve panic symptoms.

to decipher the warnings of his subconscious, you need to understand what exactly (!) causes you fear. For example, “afraid to have” – is too abstract phrase, so it was possible to derive real benefits. It is important to understand, what exactly frightens you in the process of childbirth. Someone is afraid of pain, someone – of blood, some hospitals or doctors, etc. When you just find troubling moments (may be several), you will easily understand the warnings of his subconscious. Even if you're afraid of this at first glance, not dangerous things, like pain, in fact it is a very important message for you. After all, the pain informs us that the body that something is wrong. And how many cases where women suffered in childbirth, the pain really didn't have to endure. Pain that actually informs them about the serious problem occurs.

So what really should scare you – it is a lack of comprehensive information about the subject of your fear and helplessness when confronted with it. These two factors need to exclude to fear has ceased to bother you.

to make Up for the lack of knowledge in the 21st century is very simple. It is important to pay attention to the fact that sources have been checked and are adequate, credible. Returning to our example, if you know about the pain in childbirth a lot, you will feel much more confident. You will be prepared for most situations, at least mentally. You will stop worrying over nothing because you know that they are not dangerous. On the other hand, if something really goes wrong, you will be able to adequately assess the situation and take action.

in order not to feel helpless, think carefully about solutions to possible problems. For every situation be sure to pick up several solutions to feel completely confident and protected.

If you do this you not only cope with his fear, decipher the message subconscious and do (!) protect yourself and the child, but also learn consciously, grown-up decide (!!!) the problems and not burying your head in the sand.

I Wish you to draw from your fears maximum benefit!

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