Preparing a child for entry to kindergarten

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Guidance for parents on preparing the child for kindergarten.

In the life of every family there comes a time when parents decide that their baby is ready to give to the kindergarten. This is a difficult period for parents and child. In link with this in preschool, psychologists have conducted a number of activities aimed at assisting the family in the child's adaptation to new conditions for it.

the work of the psychologist with the family begins with an introduction. At this stage, the psychologist tries to get as much information as possible about the child's family, the rules of parenting, family traditions, etc.

the Main purpose of this interview is to give parents suggestions of how to prepare your child for entering kindergarten. At this stage it is very important to find a contact with the parents and convince them that as long as they adhere to these recommendations will depend on the period of the child's adaptation to kindergarten.

Parents should pay attention to the fact that child need gradually to prepare, because the child's psyche is very receptive and sensitive. Adaptation to the new environment, conditions, rules, children can pass differently, it is better to err and to prepare for the baby. Preparation for kindergarten should be started even before the registration of the child in the garden.

Tell your child what kindergarten, there goes a lot of kids, and that evening the parents take home. Try the child's language in detail to explain that the child will leave on time with the other children and educator, give a child mode in the kindergarten. The more detailed Your story, and the more often you chant, the calmer the child will perceive the new rules.

Tell us where it will put stuff after the walk, who will help him to undress, what will he do after lunch. Children are afraid of the unknown, but when they see that the expected event occurs as it was promised, I feel more confident.

Gradually bring home to the routine life in kindergarten. Wake up, Breakfast, NAP and so on.

it is Desirable that at the time of admission to the garden the child had formed self-help skills and hygiene. Teach your toddler to meet other children, to refer to them by name, ask, and do not take away toys. Remember that addictive baby to kindergarten may take one month. In the adaptation period you will keep the baby for 2 hours in the garden.

the psychologist of the kindergarten accompanied by a period of adaptation of the child to preschool centre conditions. Daily watching the child for his behaviour, communicating with children and caregivers.

Also in the adaptation group are specially chosen group lessons with children. The main purpose of which is to help children get used to the new environment. Classes are held in the form of games, with music: dances, songs, nursery rhymes, poems, finger gymnastics is quite a rich adaptive experience, which should interest the child, to include it in communication, sharing activities. For these lessons plays a big role, proper organization of activities with account of age peculiarities of children of early age. Children really like to perform simple actions, games of imitation, rhythmic music.

Also in the lessons included elements of game and exercise system of Maria Montessori where great attention is paid to the development of sensory sphere of the child. Use the touch pathway, which stimulates areas on the feet of the child (children today very rarely and little barefoot), balls for su-Jok therapy, sensory pool, a sandbox with sand or cornmeal.

In the activity constantly changing activities of the child. For example, an active mobile game gives way to finger gymnastics, or painting finger paints. The classes are structured according to a certain pattern: a greeting, the primary (moving part) and a final. Over time, this creates a sense of stability for the child.

Properly constructed system of measures for the preparation and adaptation of the child to the kindergarten will help your child quickly settle in and are happy to go to kindergarten!

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