Preserve the marriage?


How to save your marriage and make it even better? The first very important point is to listen and hear partner. We, family counselors, like anyone else, know where it comes disorder in the family. When one of the partners (the one which is convenient to live) ceases to hear more!
If I have a wife/husband you left is always trying to dig up the moment when one of the partners is "deaf", was afflicted with blindness and deafness on the other! And not always the one we "complain" to blame for the fact that he left us! It is simply "catch-up", believing that to live in such a vacuum! Don't love him!
overall, takes place from 2 to 4 years of life, which is not fun, before the "oppressed" partner decides to file for divorce! How much time are we losing, how much gray hair to be acquired, instead of not to lead to divorce, but just to start "clean ears"
And here you are, married girls, job for today. Take out a piece of paper and think, remember, write down everything you told your partner to do/not to do, and you... have not heard and not listened to!
maybe it's you "hear" in marriage?
to Understand the point of interests can be just, if judged offhand on what topics you talk with your husband? Isn't someone of you the same requirements? Does not respond if one of these requirements sabotage!? Well, you say-say, and he's still rushing into the room, not taking off shoes... again still throws dirty socks... again slurps from the bottle, because too lazy to go Cup! And how much would you or sawed, no change occurs? You are already thinking why you married him? Or he thinks, why he got married! A misunderstanding is gaining momentum!

We live in difficult times, when the old ties of "religion and public reprimand" is not so strong, and the new braces society is not invented! Freedom of choice of sexual partner is one of the basic freedoms of human existence, and "voluntary marriage" for life ... not always compatible. Even more than that - is in opposition! Because now there is such a thing as "some wild oats before marriage," that is to try many! And if you try, for example, ten salads, soups ten, or ten houses or cars... we're always talking about yourself, then know which version of the 10-and the best!But if the "best" option for us for some reason has not got, what we have to settle for the worst? Of course not! Here sits a lady one for 10 years, until you change your mind and lower the bar to begin. Realistic thinking is called. In addition, we are all traumatized by past relationships. If we quit, we always present the fear that the second partner will do the same. Fear prevents us to get closer, to become "dependent" on a partner, because it can disappear from our lives. Developed a phobia, and some quite serious. The harder we hit in past relationships, the stronger our fear... And our new partner to live with us, and to dig it all! Not always pleasant, and reflection on past relationships, our current partner carries on himself - once she is afraid that I'll drop it, but nothing worth mentioning, so or changes, lazy, or doesn't like! And then a bunch of mutual suspicion undermines the marriage.

Where is the exit? As with aerophobia are treated by a specialist, and then buy a plane ticket to fly and phobia relationship needs to be treated by a specialist..Or to do the expected breakup legitimate form of action. Heard that somewhere in Norway/Denmark/Finland public authority is considering changing the marriage law in the direction of the conclusion of "marriage for life", and such marriage, the contract of partnership, which automatically expires after 5 years!Want to do next - renew contract for next 5 years. Do not want - now is the time! Divorce and the next partner! Do you like it? After all, the idea that something is! Do you think the marriage will remain the same after 100 years?

1️. Put 1 if you think you will be also.

2️. put 2 if you think the marriage will undergo tremendous changes in 100 years! What is a contract for 5 years in various forms and types of alliances, including group a legitimate marriage.

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