already On the nose again looming end of the year, and it's summing-up, reports, deadlines, corporate parties and all sorts of sea stress. And as usual many of us relieve stress at the end of the day? That's right: a Cup or glass of something "soothing". And if the day were particularly good – why not celebrate the same? And so it turns out that there is always a reason to "relax". And so quietly a third of the population becoming household alcoholics who, in fact, the same as alcoholics, and there is no difference between one and the other (from the point of view of experts in narcology). And then there are holidays when you want/not want, and have to drink... Let's try to sober yet head to understand, how still it is possible to relax without alcohol.

Water treatment

a Hot bath or 15 minutes in the shower is the best way to wash off all the negativity obtained during the day. Just focus on the sensations of your body, observe how to gradually relax different muscles, which tense up in stressful situations. Douche you like the idea as a bonus: it helps produce the hormone of happiness - endorphin. Internally and soon you will begin to calm down, and the problems will remain behind in "yesterday".


Tangerines = new year. Coffee = morning. Each person has some own associated smells. Think about a place and time where you was so nice and cozy. Now try to find some smell that would have been associated with this place and condition. Eat? What's it? Pine, mint, juniper, vanilla, rose? Find this among the smell of aromatherapy oils – and don't forget to light the aroma lamp in the evenings. It will be a kind of signal to the psyche that you are safe, you can relax.

the Dance

Dancing is fun! Be sure to dance as often as possible! Even if you don't know how, no one will see you. And after a hard day, just turn on your favorite music and move! It is perceived by the psyche as entertainment, classic holiday, unlike those same classes at the gym.

Be Scarlett O'hara

the Famous phrase of the heroine of Gone with the wind "Think about it tomorrow" - very clearly shows how she managed to be so cheerful, prisposoblyaemost be honest, frivolous. Many are so lacking in life. The evening often starts chewing them unpleasant thoughts about the failures of the day...and I did not say so...and I was like... Whoa! "I'll think about it tomorrow!"When you start chewing gum say to yourself this formula, and with all his throw away these useless thoughts! In the morning all will see each other in a different light. Real problems can be solved constructively and flimsy – not to be taken into account.

Meditation and relaxation

There are many different techniques by which you can relax: ranging from meditation music and breathing exercises, ending with coloring of coloring (this is no joke...try it once yourself and you will see the result). Choose your method, take into consideration and enjoy!

Hiking, sports

the Walk to work is not to my car or stop maximum. Go ALREADY home. About the evening trenirovochka and did not say anything, but still tacitly recommend. It will not only relieve stress, but to respond to the emotions pent up aggression and frustration through loads! And don't forget about the happy hormone. Remember what it's called?


Start to relax on the way home. Came home from work – forgot about it. Have no right to forget – think about it, and why such work is needed, what it gives you in your life so valuable that you have to work 24 hours a day? And yet, Scarlett is possible to include already on the way home – no prokrashivania meetings in the head, no problems with suppliers. Tune into home, family, dinner, a favorite activity, book, massage, sleep, date, anything but forget about problems! Will think about it tomorrow. In the working time.


the Most effective technique of relaxation – not to hard :) Take some time in your life in order to learn once and for all right to react to a difficult situation. They will never end. So this is one of the most important knowledge which should own each....but does not own, unfortunately. Therefore, the growing popularity of psychologists, as professionals, worldwide – the rhythm of life has become so unnatural to humans that it is necessary to try to adapt and survive, not to mention the fact that more and dare to be happy. To learn to understand themselves, to correctly deal with the emerging feelings and reactions, to be able to react – this is the prevention of stress. Learn to do it – no need to read such articles in the future.

the Essence of the story is simple – to relieve stress, of Affairs do only what you enjoy, what you like. And thoughts – think only the ones that you like to think. But the feelings themselves will be tightened for such an excellent anti-stress cocktail.

Be relaxed and joyful!

Bogutskaya Olesya
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