“I'm good, favorite work, the staff is good, but lately I really don't want to go there, it seems that nothing pleases, and the thought of new projects is the desire to do nothing and hide from everyone and everything. About the prospects you'll ever need.» (the Fictional text based on the collective image of the client sessions, all matches are random).

burnout – a condition faced by many people, especially those who work in the field of “people – people" (doctors, teachers, for example, is a high-risk group). Sometimes I am faced with the fact that people in the least think about the emotional burnout as a cause of depressed mood. Work really good and are very favorite, a dream job, and it is not clear how to get tired and burn out. But actually you can. And I can even burn if you spent a long time in the decree, and then with great joy finally went to work, I get great pleasure from work, change of scenery and self-realization, and the work seems to you a Paradise after “Groundhog day” with a baby.

it is Sometimes said that emotional burnout happens when people work for too little pay – is not always so. The higher the salary, of course, the more chances that you will have more opportunities to recover, but directly the amount of income with the emotional burnout is not related.

Emotional burnout is dangerous because in this condition it is very hard not only to develop and strive for growth on the career ladder, but simply to go to work. Life becomes possible only in the holidays and weekdays are divided into five days "when Friday" and two  “soon Monday”. Familiar? I think so, even if you do not burn out. I think modern culture is very conducive to emotional burnout and workaholism exaggerated to be almost a universal norm.

What can I do to prevent burnout? First of all – please go on vacation. Sure! No, the world will not collapse if you get some rest. No, all the projects at work will not rise, even if you have a very demanding job. You simply have the right to annual leave.

the Second – be sure to do something besides work. Even if you have a very interesting and favorite work, which you are willing to deal with all of this free time, please find the literature on the topic, find a hobby, learn to just let go, move (not necessarily sports, but the prevention of physical inactivity – it is very good!). Find the most interesting things that nothing (absolutely nothing!) not related to your work. Believe me, the more pleasure you will get when going back to work. In one of my courses, when we were talking about the prevention of emotional state, the teacher gave a very long list of what can and should be done outside of work. Length and breadth of the list surprised me, but now I often think about what is actually very important to pay attention to the satisfaction in all spheres of life.

Third item in my list of prevention of emotional burnout – will appreciate how you really satisfied with your work situation and career prospects. The risk of burnout increases if you do not see the possibility to develop at work, if you don't understand where to move further. How long have you been promoted, have passed courses of improvement of qualification if you know what you want from your work in the next six months or a year? If you answered “long” and “no”, then you are at risk. Development – it is very important (even if you do not aspire to leadership positions).

If you notice that the work has ceased to bring you pleasure and joy (although I liked it), think about whether it is connected to emotional burnout. Even better – first, go on vacation, and then think about. :-)

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