Prevention of children's colds


came the deep autumn. We can say that winter will come. Time of vaccination and childhood diseases. Unfortunately, children at this time often suffer. And as the saying goes: "the best treatment is prevention, and the best disease, one that did not happen". Remember, which only means we use to prevent and preserve the health of our children... Starting from vitamins, ending with the garlic hanging from the neck. Perhaps now no more than ailing children. And there is always the question of what to do, the child didn't have the flu. To reduce the susceptibility of the child to pathogenic agents can be a simple, no-cost methods. It can make every parent, both mother and father. And better if together.

This is a simple way of interacting with the child that will help him stay healthy, and you reduce the frequency of colds, in a dangerous season, by 50-100%.

  • Change of focus
  • Remember, what happens to you when the child got sick? How to change your behavior? Remember. Well. And now remember, how it differs from the behavior when the child is healthy? The differences found? If not found, I will briefly describe.

    the Ill child makes you desire to make sure that he will soon be recovered. To do this, you begin to treat him in a special way. You often hug, kiss, caress, pay more attention to him, most importantly, positive attention. Your behaviour towards the sick child is very different from the behavior in relation to healthy.

    Always the focus of attention focused on what hurts. Sick child, focus on him. And when he's healthy, he does not seem to require so much attention.

    It is not. A child always needs attention. Will not get positive, get negative or ill to provide what is missing.

    the Specific method of decreasing the frequency of colds is the prevention of the need of the child to resort to manifestations of the disease to obtain the missing attention. Its essence is that before the onset of symptoms of any disease to give the child as much attention as you pay ill.

    To do this, remember and analyze how much attention, how you pay to the child malaise, how to do it. How many times kiss, hug, caress, speak kind, encouraging words. Start the same number of times in the same ways to show attention to the child in a state of disease. Will fall unconscious choice, why hurt if in health I can get the same attention.

    This method is long, you can say a lifetime. You are reading this article because already familiar with as a childhood disease. And in order for this method earned must overcome the inertial motion of the habits of the child to resort to already worked out a way of receiving parental love and attention. For this it is necessary to create conditions when and in healthy and in sick condition, the child receives the same amount of attention and parental love. The mentality of inertia, and positive feedback from it (in the form of a complete absence of colds) will take from 90 to 180 days.

    Please note that you cannot reduce the amount of attention for their sick child. You just need to do the same in health status. Easy to use, and extremely efficient. Once you have a chance to give it from 90 to 180 days and the problem of colds will disappear for all subsequent years. What do you think, in comparison with the life of this period small or large?

  • Reduce pressure
  • Sounds strange. Remember, do your life of tension? A voltage source? Of course. I don't mean the child, although it can also be a source. I'm on the other. About why you sometimes want to drop everything and get out of the situation, even through illness. This pressure environment. How do you carry? Note that the heavier you cope with this pressure, the more it hurts your child.

    the Relationship between these events straight. Mother and child energetically unified. Notice how often you say "we"? We ate, we went, we got sick, etc. the more often you say "we", the more voltage the external environment pass to your child. The less he is protected from this. Accordingly, he spends his energy on sharing with you the retention of this voltage. He grabs her, and once overwhelms the psyche and, as a result of this, the manifestation of the disease.

    In everyday life high voltage is expressed in constant fatigue mom and insufficient attention given to the child.

    Want to maintain the health of your child, go with confidence in themselves and separate from each other.

    These methods are interrelated. But you can go one way or the other way, or combine them.

    Do you need to succeed!

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